By BasketGhost - 02/10/2013 06:36 - United States - Bronx

Today, my mom and I got the answer to the question, "Is our dog really dumb enough to jump out of the window of a moving vehicle?" The answer: Yes. FML
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BasketGhost tells us more.

BasketGhost 17

Hey! Just to start, my dog is absolutely fine. So, we think she may have stepped on the button to lower the window without us realizing before it was too late. No worries, though we were driving fairly slowly after just pulling out of the school parking lot. For anyone wondering the breed, she is a beagle!

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Not all dogs are smart.. Why was the window open wide enough for it to jump out? You're responsible for your dog. Hope he/she is okay!

Would his name happen to be Marley?


Not all dogs are smart.. Why was the window open wide enough for it to jump out? You're responsible for your dog. Hope he/she is okay!

It's ok all dogs go to heav...oh wait that was just a movie. I'll send out a prayer later

Yeah, and a freaky movie at that.

not all dogs are smart... unlike cats.

jw90 18

27- not all cats are smart either.

That's ok. My dog is dumb enough to eat a burning piece of paper. You're not alone.

My sister's dog ate a couch. He is a nightmare on four legs. However, he was the dumb ass who thought the door was open and ran through a glass window.

RedPillSucks 31

Eat a couch!!! WTH. I can't imagine what came out the other end!

My Pomeranian jumped out of an SUV window... while we were parked in the driveway.

@27 cats are stupid ... pets are only as smart as their owners

I agree with you #1. OP got a big YDI from me. You never leave it up to a dog to know better and not jump out a window of a moving vehicle. You are responsible for them and their well being and what happens. You should not have put the window down far enough for it to jump out of. I feel sorry for your dog, it's your job to keep them safe and stop them from hurting themselves and you didn't do too good of a job at that. Cars are not natural enemies to dogs that's also why you don't trust them not to run out in front of one and get hit, but you always keep them on a lease or should be anyways. From reading your post and how "smart" you think your dog "should be" you may not even do that!

I saw a dog jump out of a truck window and hit the curb because the window was open too far and the driver wasn't paying attention. Just because it's cute your dog is hanging their head out of the window and slobbering everywhere doesn't mean it's safe by any means. Make sure your dog is gonna be safe if you take them with you in a vehicle!

The name basketghost makes think the lil guy didn't make it :(

I once thought my dog was lost when he actually got trapped in my walk-in closet. He didn't bark for hours until I went to take a shower after hunting in my neighborhood for him. Nearly gave me a heart attack.

Stiggy626 25

I've always been worried about this haha I drive slow as hell when my dog's in the car but you'd never really expect it to actually happen

Would his name happen to be Marley?

TOTALLY, what I was thinking!!!

I hope he's ok.

My dog jumped out of the back of my truck once. Once. ;_;

The dumb bitch learned quickly after that...

I hope he's not.

MzZombicidal 36

102, that's not funny, whatsoever. If you're being serious, however, I hope a heartless person such as yourself never has to care for another living thing.

He just wanted to fly...

Unless really well trained, dogs just act on impulse. I hope your pooch is ok, and you should strap him in from now on. They have belts made for dogs, or you could hold his(her?) leash.

I'm guessing he's a Golden Retarded? Dumberman Pinscher? Poodull?

A dip shih-tzu?

Infamous_Tora 12

Well we know it's not a librarian husky..

You're an idiot.

That's why it's always a good idea to keep a hold of your dogs if they are near an open window. I hope the poor thing is okay :(

ThatFancyPenn 18

Or you know, look at your dog and see if he looks like he's about to jump out if a window...

It's like you're sad about him being "dumb" and not that he jumped out of the window :( hope he's okay

Are you stupid enough to leave the window all the way down when you have an unrestrained dog in the car? Answer: yes.

Yea, OP is the one that is dumb, not the dog. Dogs are born with a natural fear of cars or jumping from them. Poor dog.