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  I_iz_B_a_troll  |  23

I'm not so churrof what he was trying to dough, but if you'd just shut your pie hole and help him with his pig in a blanket maybe he'd help sprinkle a sweet pastery substance all across those donut holes. :)

  Inheritance  |  10

23 I think you're referring to that 'white pudding'. But he I'm guessing fills up his own donuts with special organic ingredients. You know to give it that extra protein kick.

  AKGirlinSD  |  20

4, that was my very first thought! People will think highly of the Original Poster when everyone is standing around, eating donuts at an office meeting (for instance), and OP will be the only one with self control.

By  gracehi  |  31

Wow. I thought it was bad when I saw my brother's morning wood fall out of his boxers. At least I can still enjoy donuts.




  zeep92  |  18

Or he could have been in the kitchen... Maybe he commonly sexually assaults the food?


I think people are overreacting. What someone does when they think they're alone doesn't necessarily reflect on how they act all the time.

Haven't we all stuck our dicks in a weird place at least once? Give him a break