By vikingunicorn - 23/05/2010 05:47 - Canada

Today, I was feeling very ill after a severe anxiety attack. I asked my boyfriend to hold my hand until I fell asleep. He said he couldn't because he needed both hands to play on his gameboy. FML
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What a ******. Doesnt he know the PSP is out?

lol my first time getting first and I get it two times in a row? coool. and ydi for calling it a gameboy

gameboys are old , dump him for being old fassioned

Dude that's what they're called! OP how can you fall asleep holding someone's hand? I would find that uncomfortable since I tend to wrap my arms around my pillow.

you're a Viking unicorn you don't have hands, you have hooves

if it's pokemon then let me kick his ass for you over wifi

Hey now, I played pokemon when I was younger! Don't be hatin' :p

21- Will you stfu? Just because you say "no perv" at the end doesn't make it less creepy. And no.

Jessie, guys would like to piss u off, because they think u r pretty. Most of them just wanna impress u. :)

Yep me telling you to back the **** off makes me a ****. I like your logic.

Jessie I'm tryin to piss u off on FML cause I was thinking that some day we might meet in real life!!!!!!!

you wish you could meet her in real life Jordan... then again we all do ;)

I sure hope not. You're creepy, please leave me alone.

Raleigh_bruh 7

lol!!!! yeah I would love to meet Jessie in real life.... sike!!!! u kno girls got problems when they chat on FML more then they talk to friends in real life

38- I was referring to Jordan or whatever, not you :) Jordan(or whatever)- You don't know anything about me so please stop assuming.

I'm sorry I love you tho I'm trying to impress u my bad

Raleigh_bruh 7

Eh, just for a week Hacky.

haha sorry thought it was aimed at me due to your comment being right under mine and what not ... Afp is friggen gay

Well it's not working. So you might as well just stop. Being rude isn't going to impress any girl EVER.

ah got banned? lol @ Jordan bring so desperate over internet

alright I'll stop in bout to pass out anyway... but seriously why the hell would I try to impress someone on fml? it's all jokes peeps don't take things to seriously on here... peace!

Ducati4623 0

#54 - you are an idiot. that is all

@ #21 - For starters she's 15, which makes you a paedophile (regardless of your own age - check the laws). For seconds, she hasn't approached you, which makes you a sad little troll. Go away, troll and dissolve under a ridge somewhere. And for thirds - if that's your best idea of a pickup line, you will die a lonely, sad and laughed-at virgin. Slimebags are ubiquitous on the net, I know. But so are thinkers who will slam you down at every opportunity

aznpopgrl02 0

if he cares about op enough he would have..even though it's uncomfortable to hold a hand while sleeping it's just the fact that to be able to feel a loved one's warmth when ill would make the pain a little bit more bearable . plus it would make that person in pain feel loved..if he's not even gonna hold ur hand when ur sick and chooses to play a game over u, maybe u should think bout whether u want to be with a guy like this

I think we should make this Jordan guy a "Creepiest person on FML" badge so he can wear it with pride wherever he goes (:

Everyone keeps targetting Jessie! I admit that was a funny conversation to read. Jessie take a new picture where your shirt isn't hanging off. That might help, just saying, no offence or anything!

Jordan now wins the "Most Likely to Sexually Abuse a Child" award. Congratulation, creeper.

82- Thanks for the advice, but I like my picture. If other people don't then that's their problem. And I can clearly handle myself when the creepers show up so I'm not too worried. :)

Okay jess whatever you want to do go ahead but I cringe to think about the number of creeps on this website looking at your picture!

DeadMoose 0

gameboy? seriously? they haven't made those in like 15 years, so I highly doubt that's what he was playing. ydi for being retarded and calling his ds/psp a gameboy.

67: Actually, that would make him (?) an ephebophile. Paedophiles target pre-pubescent children; ephebophiles target children who've reached puberty. But point taken. ;)

not gonna lie I'd play a gameboy if I had one shit is tight lol

lol no i'm not gonna go look for it, butanits not good plaing beerpong and drinking toll 5 am when u have work at 8 am lol 0_0

GeoThermalSleuth 0

... Where am I? Who are you People?!

lol hes probably outside of your house now. xD

sugarr0babby0 0

Judgmental bitch. It would be as accurate to say that guys brains are wired to this as it would be to say that girls brains are wired to be ignorantly judgmental idiots. But it's NOT all girls, it's just you. And it's not all guys.

Judgmental bitch. It would be as accurate to say that guys brains are wired to this as it would be to say that girls brains are wired to be ignorantly judgmental idiots. But it's NOT all girls, it's just you. And it's not all guys.

gameboy?? at least play a ds!! jk but seriously dump his ass he's selfish and mean

deannamarie12 0

#91, he couldve still kept his old one. Besides you don't know if it really was a PSP or what. It was sorta rude he didn't atleast hold your hand. FYL OP

ryguy997 0

20 gameboys can't use wifi but the ds can. gameboys use link cables.

gameboys are the best things ever! i still have and play the color and the advance! the legend of Zelda series was the best followed closely by pokemon. if he wasn't playing either of those two, then dump him.

YDI for thinking that you're more important than a gameboy. 'nuff said.

marine10_fml 0

there is nothing wrong with being old school

sharpl916 0

WHAT!? I CANT EVEN BELIEVE HE DID THAT! everyone plays ds, psp, anything that is not made in 90s

megamandude455 10

hey 15, my dad does that, and you purdy.

RingoStarrr 0

It's an Gameboy Advance SP. Happy now?

eiffeltower67 3

gameboys suck. he has problems if he still plays it every day

ok commenting on an fml should at least pertain to the freakin subject. stop chatting it gets old. op gameboy = better than a gf. just saying lol

gameboy colors and advance were the best. pokemon was like the best game ever when i was little. ms jessie- does that painting happen to be sideways? or is it the floor? or are you stading sideways? its kinda bothering me but other then that your pic is fine.

everyones bitching on ms Jessie for no reason it's a free country ppl Jesus and ms Jessie- u seem really nice :)

191- ill stop if you put that trippy picture up where it looks like your head is floating :) its soooo awesome

MiGman 5

op he is a d-bag you should dumb him

hmmm was he playing pokemon, then he did the right thing

Goober244 12

91: You're a no good little BITCH.

GraceMarieC 13

FYL OP. I'd say dump him. Insensitive boyfriend.

sxe1215 0

ydi. let him cath them all bitch.

would she rather have him "poke her face"

people still play gameboys? awwww, srry op :( tht suck, fyl and you should dump him because he probably doesnt care

who use's gameboys any more they dont even make games for them

Just grab his penis. It's a win-win scenario!

autumn16 0

You, sir, are quick with the win. Alternatively, when the chips are down, grab life by the clit and rub.

Sex doesn't help in that situation. Don't be a douche.

jeffracecar24 0

your boyfriend plays a gameboy??? what happened to psp

If it was Pokemon, Maio brothers or Sonic, it's acceptable :)

GraceMarieC 13

My guess is Pokemon. lol. Thats the only reason I play gameboy anymore.

I'm assuming from your comment that you've never had an anxiety attack before.

Raleigh_bruh 7

It frightens me how comments are more focused on what kind of handheld the bf has rather than him being a douchebag lol.

We all have our priorities, don't we Ra :)

Raleigh_bruh 7

Haha I don't really think the bf was being that much of a douchebag, the OP seems like she was being kind of needy/clingy. :/

Raleigh_bruh 7

Ehh, well in my opinion she wasn't asking for much really. Anxiety attacks can be pretty beast, and I just think she wanted a little comfort is all.

Really? :/ Well I suppose that changes it. But still couldn't they just hug and then move on with life? Idk I guess I shouldn't judge, never having had one myself.

godofcyanide 8

Agree w/Raleigh. I had anxiety attacks for years and they sucked.

Raleigh_bruh 7

I've never had one either lol, but my sis has and they're pretty hardcore sometimes. But who knows, maybe Op is clingy towards her bf and he just got sick of it and ignored her this time. Not sure, but I am sure that I'm about to pass out haha.. Goodnight/morning Jess (:

Yeah we never get to know the WHOLE story. Goodnight Ra (it's 3am here) I'm gonna go beddy bye too. ¡Buenas noches hombre!

YDi for having a boyfriend who plays a GameBoy.

godofcyanide 8

Yeah, nothing wrong with some portable video gaming! Ever played games on your iPhone/iPod? Same shit. Now, FYL OP, because your BF can't put it down for a little bit to help you out. Drop the douche. And, for the record, Pokemon is the only video game I play. :D

aznpopgrl02 0

I dislike pokemon..I stopped watching it after the first season with the origanl 151 there's jus too much random a** pokemon that pops out of nowhere..I still think mew and mewtwo are the strongest pokemon of all

I never got into the show, but I loved the Gameboy games of pokemon! Gotta catch 'em all! :D

i would have done the exact same thing if i was your boyfriend.