By Anonymous - 14/05/2014 20:43 - United States - Irmo

Today, I'm moving. While packing, I realized I hadn't seen my cat in a few hours. I called her and realized she was inside one of the hundreds of boxes in my house. I accidentally packed my cat. FML
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Roskosity 22

Let's hope you packed him in the same box as the cat food. More convenient that way.

Schrödinger's cat!! Or maybe my sisters, Bree is this you hahaha

cryssycakesx3 22

lol OP I think she packed herself. they love boxes. well it shouldn't be hard to figure out which box the cat is in. you'd think she'd miaow or scratch hours ago. at least you found her and avoided cat-astrophe...

OP, are you related to the guy collecting body bags?

Quiet_one 22

The cat's probably fine if it was only a few hours. My old roommate accidentally shut my cat in her bedroom before she left in the morning a few times. He was stuck in there for hours with no water or litterbox, but he was fine when he was let out (I was still pissed, though). If it had been more than 12 or 24 hours it might be more of a problem.

SobrietyKills 14

I hope your cat got out okay!

As long as she doesnt use a knife to open the boxes...

As long as she doesn't open the box, the cat is both dead and alive :D

How did you not realize your cat was in the box you were currently packing?

Ooooooooooh it's very possible. Cats can sneaky like that, she could have gotten into a box without the owner knowing and found a blind spot to hide. My cat does the same thing, and it makes me go crazy!

#4 said exactly what I was gonna say!!

OP probably left a box open and the cat jumped in. they love boxes for some reason.

I was wondering that too. The cat probably got under something that was in the box making it hard for OP to see it.

The car probably climbed into one of the boxes when he wasn't looking and then he closed the box and taped it.

Most cats love boxes anyway, so it's not that bad.

I'm even willing to bet that when OP opened the box the cat was comfortable and purring.

Wizardo 33

Are you Schrödinger by any chance?

I'd be shocked if OP accidentally also packed a bottle of poison that would break open at a random point.

Finally someone who speaks my language

sammyjanette 17

At least your cat is safe. My roommates cat ran away to never be seen again.

I thought the same thing, then remembered cats are sneaky, and love boxes, cat was probably investigating in the box when OP closed it up and simply didn't notice