By Anonymous / Thursday 4 June 2009 04:14 / United States
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By  beast123  |  0

# 1 if you paid attention to what you were doing n not had your head up your arse would have gotten the parking citation nor left your bag visible to thugs # 2 why the hell would you carry that much cash grow up and get a bank account you deserved it

By  ohJeeznotme  |  7

This is what happens when you tempt thieves. If your bag was sitting in the car all exposed and such you deserve it to be stolen. This is why you put stuff in the trunk.

And I agree with the other person who said get a bank account!

By  monkeyneve77  |  0

Next time, don't leave valuable items in your friends car, where everybody can see them. Didn't you know that thieves would be just waiting to steal your values, even if they were locked inside the car .

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