By joolsie - 13/04/2012 13:11 - United Kingdom - York

Today, a guy asked me why I'm single. As a joke, I told him that not only do I have a penis, but that it's so large that most men are intimidated by it. He wasn't impressed. And I actually wonder why I'm single. FML
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i wonder too. i like your sense of humour!

It doesn't matter how big a girl's penis is, if she had a penis of any size I would be intimidated


i wonder too. i like your sense of humour!

But it's that humor that scares off guys! OP if you find a guy who likes your humor, it's a start.

It doesn't scare off all guys some find it amusing and like a girl who's not to afraid to make a joke

Me too! I say stuff like this all the time and I'm almost never single.

Well 27... You gotta be doing something wrong because you make it sound like you date 3 guys a month....

I would have asked you to prove it.

OP, it's probably statements like these that keep guys away from you

He just has penis envy.

Not very open minded was he?

Actually I'd love it if a girl said something like that in retaliation, that's a nice joke to have. OP, don't worry, some of us do actually like a girl who can joke

Girls don't really need game.

she has no players?

60- not all guys are just horny animals looking for sex at all times. Some of them even want to date a girl to actually get to know her

121-will always be forever alone

Two dicks don't make it right.

Are you being homophobic? *shakes head*

At least you have a good sense of humor!

She actually wasn't joking.

What were you trying to pull off?

Obviously she was trying to intimidate him with her large penis.

Is that actually you, or white Obama with hair?

63 - Go sit in a corner and think about what you just said.

If that's the way you do it. I'm not judging. We all do weird shit lol. -_-

I would have laughed at that And then asked you to hang out sometime. don't worry that guy just has no sense of humor, who wants to date a robot?

who wants to date a guy with 8 watches?

That question the guy asked was rude anyway- its a variation on hey why doesn't anyone love you? it just sets the person being asked that question in a super awkward spot.

I have more than 8 watches, and girls like guys with good fashion sense

I'd rather rock a Johnny dang watch than those

I agree with 75, but I won't be impressed until you're wearing all of the watches!

83- that's all I could fit! I think 8 is impressive haha

Did someone mention dating a robot? I would love to date a robot. A wonderful female sex robot.

Quit bragging about your huge dick then!

you sound awesome. I'd date you.

My thoughts exactly

It doesn't matter how big a girl's penis is, if she had a penis of any size I would be intimidated

I have a penis... Be afraid...

Thanks a lot. I have to change my pants now. I think I may have nightmares too

I wouldn't be afraid ????