By Anonymous - United States - Gladewater

Bad boy

Today, after weeks of looking for the source of an awful smell in our house, I found out our dog has been climbing over our loft banister, into the attic, and shitting. There were over twenty mounds. It took me almost four hours to clean up, and it still stinks. FML
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By  jcash52426  |  5

What is your definition of mounds?
I'm going to interpret it as 20 shits. On that note how did it take you 4 hours to pick that up.
As for the smell use a shitload of air freshener.

By  JaneSimple  |  23

This is my first time getting an FML published!!! It sucked pretty bad ? there is a sort of fiberboard up there so it took a long time to get it all cleaned up!