By Anonymous - United States - Decatur
Today, I came home from a two-week vacation. When I walked into my house, I found cat poop everywhere. It took me several hours to clean it all up, and the house still smells terrible. The worst part is that I've never owned a cat in my life. FML
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  ethaniel_fml  |  1

There is an only way how you can get the smell away - install (or rent for a few days) an ozone generator. Set it too maximum production and leave the house for a few days (it's not healthy to breathe ozone). When you return the house will be alpine fresh.

  mystashisgone  |  6

I just had flashbacks of when I was about 5. In the middle of the night I would hear scratches in the wall at night which, for a child of my age, was terrifying, I thought the boogeyman was out to get me. My parents didn't believe me until I finally was able to have then listen for themselves... Turned out to be a family of raccoons living in my wall. As it has been said "hide yo kids hide yo wife....".