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Run, the ninja cats have arisen! Hide the women and children!

A cat-burglar perhaps?


Run, the ninja cats have arisen! Hide the women and children!

Hide yo kids, Hide yo wives, And hide yo husbands cuz dey rapin ERRYBODY out hea

There is an only way how you can get the smell away - install (or rent for a few days) an ozone generator. Set it too maximum production and leave the house for a few days (it's not healthy to breathe ozone). When you return the house will be alpine fresh.

Cats, ninjas of evil.

Maybe it was raccoons! Don't blame the lovely feline race until you know for sure...

I just had flashbacks of when I was about 5. In the middle of the night I would hear scratches in the wall at night which, for a child of my age, was terrifying, I thought the boogeyman was out to get me. My parents didn't believe me until I finally was able to have then listen for themselves... Turned out to be a family of raccoons living in my wall. As it has been said "hide yo kids hide yo wife....".

I've had both as pets. Cat poop and raccoon poop don't look alike.

I don't think having a raccoon as a pet is allowed in most places…

*isn't my apologies for the spelling error

A cat-burglar perhaps?

Wow. Five posts in and there's nothing more to say. Hilarious, #5. LMAO.

They have a thumbs up button for that.

What a catastrophe! Maybe you've owned a cat all your life and just didn't know? It's been hiding in the shadows, only coming out to feed.

....and shit.

pic+comment are incredibly fitting.

Windows are easy things for cats to reach and sneak in. CLOSE THEM ALL AND PRAY FOR YOUR SAFETY.

So.. how did you know it was cat p

Cat poop is quite... Easy to recognize. Not very hard to know that it was one.

They came. They saw. They pooped.

Then who was phone?

They conquered!! Lol

Well, looks like you own one (or several) now!