By Teu_much - 10/06/2014 02:33 - United States - Bronx

Today, I let my dog outside to play. He shat on three cars, played dead in the middle of the street, and chased my neighbors' cat into a pool. When he came back into the house, he had a note taped to his back saying "IOU 1 lawsuit". FML
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Teu_much tells us more.

Thank you 42. That was the exact reason why I posted it. I never knew so much people on here would take this post to heart. It isn't that serious to hate me for it.

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brettrb 18

I find that the monthly payments on leasing a dog are quite reasonable, but the interest is just ridiculous.

Sorry but YDI for letting your dog outside without supervision or an electric fence.


Yeah it's always good to have your dog on a lease in a residential area

brettrb 18

I find that the monthly payments on leasing a dog are quite reasonable, but the interest is just ridiculous.

didnt even notice that til you pointed it out 16

Ugh autocorrect making a fool out of FMLers once again.

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Reminds me of that dog from The Sandlot...

Lol now I know And he was in a fenced area.. He escaped

Then you probably should have stated that he escaped from your yard in the fml rather than saying you let him out. The way you worded it paints you as a bad owner.

You don't just send your dog outside in public and be like " Ok go play now" you put it on a leash or go to an off leash dog park and supervise it the whole time. Some people are idiots.

or a cat. my neighbors scratched the hood on my car. stupid big rat

Sorry but YDI for letting your dog outside without supervision or an electric fence.

Agreed asides from the electric fence. OP, you teach your dog recall, you keep them close near roads etc, and let them off only places where it's safe. I'm in the UK so some things may vary, but I think those basic rules of dog ownership are the same. You don't just open the front door and let them go for a while. You Go for a walk with them! Poor dog with an owner like you. I hit FYL by accident, wish you could remove your vote when that happens >:(

#3, op might not be able to afford fencing or the dog may normally well behaved and just got too excited. But op should have at least been watching his dog or teach it the yard boundaries.

imagineapc 11

#39- If you cannot afford to properly care for your pet, including their safety and well being, you do not have a pet. Letting a dog out in an unfenced area is inexcusable, and 100% preventable.

I absolutely hate people like this. There's several geniuses in my neighbourhood who let their dogs loose for the entire day. They keep following people, barking at everything, lashing out at my dog who's on a leash. I seriously can't be held responsible if one of these days, he bites back.

What if OP did have the right fencing needed? They could have a 6ft high fence but hey... Dogs can dig right? I also had a dog once that could actually jump over a 6ft fence - dogs find ways

Question: How long did you leave your dog out that it shat three times. or What do you feed your dog that it needed to shit three times?

I don't get how a dog ***** on a car? That part confused me the most. How big is OP's dog??

Probably a medium sized dog with the agility to jump up.

One time when I let my dog go to a park he shat 4 times in about 10 minutes. He was very excited.

I'm just wondering how OP even let the dog shit on a car 3 times, was she not supervising? Most dog owners I know can tell when their dog is about to poop, and if it's in the wrong place, act before a mess is made.

skyeyez9 24

When my dogs go for a walk, they always poop 2-4 times during a 30 min walk, its ridiculous. But when they stay at home they poop once or twice a day. I think dogs' bowels work overtime when they get excited or moving.

Everones favourite hobbies done by a dog in a space of a day.Smart dog

Who lets their dog roam around like that with no leash? Ydi for being an inconsiderate twat. I feel sorry for your neighbors. **** their lives.

I feel sorry for the dog. it's gonna get hurt if OP doesn't watch out.

A well trained dog isn't an issue off a leash. That being said OP doesn't sound like the type of person who can train a dog. It sucks that a lot of good dog owners can't take their pets places because of idiot owners who don't train their dogs ruining it.

I agree 93. I can let my dog out my front door and she will lay on the porch and only leave it to follow me around and go visit with the mailman when he stops by. I live in a busy neighborhood and all it took was a little time and training. No leash, no fence. Just a good dog.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

Exactly. My dog is awesome. She's an Australian Shepherd and about as smart as they come. I've trained her to do all sorts of things, including not touching a piece of steak till I give the ok for her to do so (can even walk about of the room for several minutes and she won't even sniff it, just look around until I come back). My dog is also able to be let out without a leash because she stays in our yard, doesn't chase any animals, and is super friendly. She also comes to the family business, located off of a busy highway, and can be let outside by herself with no worries. She refuses to go past the fence towards the road even on a leash, and she loves to sit in the grass and just look around. Dogs need training and to be obedient! We started with Issey when she was just a ouppy and she's phenomenal now (at 8 years old).

Everyone is very quick to say YDI without knowing exactly what happened... OP stated the dog escaped (expand the first comment) Also, yes dogs need to be trained and need to become obedient but what if this dogs a pup? My dog is nearly 2 years old and can do tricks and is obedient in the back yard but take her for a walk and it's all systems go and she tries to get away and do her own thing. Nothing to do with my poor training because I am training her to my best abilities, just sometimes shit happens. Yes it can be avoidable but dogs find ways out.

at least your neighbors have a sense of humor.

They'll be laughing all the way to the courthouse while skipping and holding hands.

sorry but ydi, you obviously let him do all that including roam the streets without any supervision. the way its worded makes it seem like you stayed inside, but you knew what he did, so were you watching from the window or something? "oh my dogs playing dead on a street were cars drive, oh well" :/

Completely agree. Why would you even sit there watching your dog play dead on a road. Even ******** on a car and watching is being an extremely lazy and irresponsible owner.

YDI for letting your dog run free. I only let my dogs out alone in our fenced area and leash them anywhere else. And your lucky people are nice that they didn't call animal control.