By thatoneguy - 05/09/2011 20:23 - United States

Today, a five year old that I am babysitting picked up a knife and said he would chop my nuts off if I didn't give him his ice cream before dinner. Only 5 more hours to go. FML
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You're babysitting and allow the kid to get his hands on a knife? Please get a different job


You are in big trouble ... Run ! .. or just hide the knives :)

**** that. Take out the child before he gets you. He'll ******* carve out your flesh with a spoon if you hide the knives.

cali_dude 5

Give the kid his ice-cream and know ones nuts get hurt.

jallred254 4

Or give him sherbet... He'll never know... Silly silly unsuspecting child. Muahah!

GlitteryMasakali 1

Snatch the knife out of his hands and deal with him crying. Or just share the ice cream, greedy OP.

or you can always just "Hide yo kids, hide yo wife!...,"

bigtaytay 13

Looks like OP is babysitting a little Brick Top in the making

jonan1212 5

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Or just just cap the bugger off. That would be much easier.

ibedestinie 0

no.. he wants his nuts chopped off! -__-

I really hope the kid didn't get his way...

ifinsane 6

If your that much of a whip to handle a 5 year old even with a knife you shouldn't be babysitting

mileyfan17 8

Tell his parents. Kids these days lmao ;)

Children need to defend themselves. No one gets convicted for killing them, nowadays.

sooo's muh peeenis... Inappropriate genital jokes ftw.

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Not trying to be rude or anything, just kinda a heads up but I think ya got a nip slip going on in your picture.

Not trying to be rude or anything, just kinda a heads up but I think ya got a nip slip going on in your picture.

FernAdele 9

hahahaaa it's a shadow and I'm 4 years younger there

nitewlf12 10

That's exactly why women are the ones that babysit. This is what happens when men try to invade on a woman's task.

every1luvsvag 10

Oh, Kay, how I love watching you tear assholes.

Oh kay, I missed the way you out comment the assholes. Kudos to you.

Physiologist must be an old form of doctoring, a hidden practice that was turned illegal during the days of witch burning and torture. Or he's just a moron.

jonan1212 5

This is what happens if people don't use condoms