By thatoneguy - 05/09/2011 20:23 - United States

Today, a five year old that I am babysitting picked up a knife and said he would chop my nuts off if I didn't give him his ice cream before dinner. Only 5 more hours to go. FML
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1215116a 14

Spoiled brat. -_-

You're babysitting and allow the kid to get his hands on a knife? Please get a different job


You are in big trouble ... Run ! .. or just hide the knives :)

Fuck that. Take out the child before he gets you. He'll fucking carve out your flesh with a spoon if you hide the knives.

cali_dude 5

Give the kid his ice-cream and know ones nuts get hurt.

Holy shit its chucky

jallred254 4

Or give him sherbet... He'll never know... Silly silly unsuspecting child. Muahah!

GlitteryMasakali 1

Snatch the knife out of his hands and deal with him crying. Or just share the ice cream, greedy OP.

saritaojeda 0


Teabag the knife out of his hand

or you can always just "Hide yo kids, hide yo wife!...,"

bigtaytay 13

Looks like OP is babysitting a little Brick Top in the making

jonan1212 5

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Or just just cap the bugger off. That would be much easier.

ibedestinie 0

no.. he wants his nuts chopped off! -__-

1215116a 14

Spoiled brat. -_-

Yeah, a real nutcase.

I really hope the kid didn't get his way...

ifinsane 6

If your that much of a whip to handle a 5 year old even with a knife you shouldn't be babysitting

mileyfan17 8

Tell his parents. Kids these days lmao ;)

Children need to defend themselves. No one gets convicted for killing them, nowadays.

sooo's muh peeenis... Inappropriate genital jokes ftw.

jallred254 4

It's called roidrage duhh!

86-YAY Casey Anthony jokes xD

Whoa kids these days are intense!

You better be getting paid a fortune!

FernAdele 9

I hope you saved your balls!

Not trying to be rude or anything, just kinda a heads up but I think ya got a nip slip going on in your picture.

Not trying to be rude or anything, just kinda a heads up but I think ya got a nip slip going on in your picture.

FernAdele 9

hahahaaa it's a shadow and I'm 4 years younger there

nitewlf12 10

That's exactly why women are the ones that babysit. This is what happens when men try to invade on a woman's task.

ThisGi 0


every1luvsvag 10

Oh, Kay, how I love watching you tear assholes.

Oh kay, I missed the way you out comment the assholes. Kudos to you.

Physiologist must be an old form of doctoring, a hidden practice that was turned illegal during the days of witch burning and torture. Or he's just a moron.

jonan1212 5

You mean "Pain in the NUTS"?

This is what happens if people don't use condoms