Lost the fight

By Anonymous - 24/12/2014 14:43 - United States - Herndon

Today, I found a hornet's nest in the backyard, so I called my brother over to take a look. He said "Hmm, wonder how fast you can run…" then hurled a rock at the nest and sprinted back to the house. I wasn't so fast. I now feel like someone's beaten me half to death with a cactus. FML
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Easy solution: Buy a cactus and beat him with it.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

Your brother is not a very nice person. Glad you aren't allergic and didn't die!


iLike2Teabag 27

That's gotta sting. Your brother is a prick.

Nice pun. But op you should get your brother back for that.

eh, I don't think his brother is a prick, just an older brother. any older brother who doesn't do something traumatizing to their younger siblings isn't doing their job.

Your brother beehaved rather badly. I have hive dollars on him getting grounded.

One time when it was Easter and I was really little, my family and I were celebrating Easter in California. When looking for eggs, there was one hidden next to some cactuses (cacti? Cactus'? Not sure on that spelling). My brother and I both went for it, but I got it and he fell onto the cactus. All his eggs fell out and it's every man for themselves and so I started takin his while he was crying after landing on the cactus. I just realized how savage of a four year old I was...

Hiimhaileypotter 52

Your brother is not a very nice person. Glad you aren't allergic and didn't die!

nialls_girl 13

Well if a enough hornets sting you it doesn't matter if you are allergic or not. If enough venom it injected into a person it can be very lethal. :(

Hiimhaileypotter 52

That's true, but I think if they were allergic things could be a lot worse, right? I got stung by one bee over the past summer and it hurt like hell, my entire foot swelled for days. The doctor said I wasn't allergic, and that my body just did what is normal to try to get the venom out (or whatever... I'm not quite sure what exactly he said, lol). I can't even imagine going through multiple stings AND being allergic, too. So, whatever the case may be, I hope OP is doing well. :)

Make like a bee and buzz out of there

While screaming "Not the beeeees!!!!!" at the top of your lungs

Omg thats horrible

trellz17 19

That's really not funny. You could've been seriously injured.

Or dead. If OP had a serious allergy, that could have been fatal. The brother is a douchenozzle.

sweetnsourrr 11

It can be fatal either way, if she was stunged by over a hundred bees....

stunged? just try stung next time

Sounds like y'all did not have fun growing up.

14 - hornets are not bees

trellz17 19

Uhh what?

Easy solution: Buy a cactus and beat him with it.

bingo__O 15

Beat him 1/2 to death, with an extra 1/4 for good measure

As life approaches death, but never quite reaching it?

katydid91 31

Wasn't there an FML about a somebody having a cactus thrown at them by their brother?

Clearly you didn't run fast enough.. No but seriously OP, that has got to suck, especially a day before Christmas.. merry Christmas I guess.

JMichael 25

Ah sibling love :')

T_Young96 13

Ope! Ya gotta be quicker than that!

run Forrest! RUN!