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Today, I received a chain-mail text that vividly described what "Tanya" would do to me in my sleep if I didn't forward it on. I'm so paranoid that I did just that. I also realized that accidentally forwarding such things to your boss can get you fired. FML
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  MrBrightside21  |  20

Or the ones that are like "Share if you like kittens! Keep scrolling if you worship the devil and like to eat baby pandas."

Fuck you to all of you who put me in that position.



Re-post this comment three times on FML. If you don't, this scary dead chick Tanya will come to your house, and FOREVER CURSE YOU SO YOU CAN NEVER KEEP A JOB AGAIN! RE-POST THREE TIMES IN THE NEXT FOUR SECONDS, OR BE FIRED!

(Sorry, just couldn't resist.)

  chlorinegreen  |  27

75,Your younger cousin that posts crap all the time sending you spam thinking it will work but you can't really delete them unless you want to feel the wrath of your family when your cousin starts crying. Same goes for little nieces and nephews that really shouldn't have a social network profile but it's not your place to say.


#106- I'm assuming you mean if they post spam stuff and it shows up in your newsfeed. Well, you can make it so that their updates won't show up in your newsfeed, so you won't be bothered by it unless you actually go to their page.

If you meant they actually tag you in the stuff and post it on your wall, then yeah, I don't know how to fix that besides disabling your wall.

  AKGirlinSD  |  20

I can't believe people still send out chain mail and, even worse, believe in that crap. It's as bad as getting an email where the prince is asking go borrow $5,000 and you'll get $20,000 a week after the prince receives your money. So pathetic!

  teareb  |  9

2- of course chain mail affects your life what happens If you get shot with an arrow when you're not wearing it? You would die and then who would save the princess?

  Fireashes250  |  16

If chain mail actually exists, I would have been murdered 87 times, been haunted 24 times, my family died 51 times, and I would have been kissed 36 times.

Maybe I was exaggerating, but chain mail is still fucking stupid.

  Collisionn  |  11

Ah, 'tis true... I didn't think about that! I was thinking along the lines of text and e-mail, but that makes sense. I haven't seen chain mail other than on Facebook in years.
But along with OP, they, too, are a bunch of morons.

  gc327072  |  29

Pfft no they weren't. My friend thought I was crazy when he texted me something similar back in the 8th grade and I texted him back "that bitch can get at me."