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Today, I filled out an application for a job at Dairy Queen. I handed my application to the manager along with my résumé, and he said he'd be in contact with me. Not even five minutes after I left, a friend who works there sent me a picture of my crumpled-up application in the trash. FML
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Screw the Queen, long live the Burger King! Together you can take down the cruel manager and rule the White Castle

HowAreYouToday 34

I dairy you to try Cold Stone next.


HowAreYouToday 34

I dairy you to try Cold Stone next.

Many people get rejected, but that doesnt mean give up! Just keep on being persistant and stay positive (:

Isn't it illegal to do that? They have to keep it on file for 6 months or something right?

Cold Stone is way better than Dairy Queen anyway. The Dairy Queen in my town only serves vanilla ice cream -_(

tjv3 10

I'm assuming it was for a management job,? Never heard of people turning in a resume to work at a burger joint

#48 Fairly sure they only have to keep it if they hire you...

69: I actually work at Dairy Queen, and we had a girl just a few weeks ago turn in a resume with her application, and it was for a regular worker position. I think she was under the impression that the resume itself being there would somehow make her a better candidate, but that only applies if your resume doesn't contain the exact same information as the application, haha! Honestly, if it were ME, I would go speak with the manager. OP doesn't know that it was necessarily the manager who did it (though it's very likely XD). Either way, he'll probably feel like an ass. Maybe. Hopefully...

Wtf? Dairy Queen here will serve basically anything you want.. Their Blizzards are amazing

Sucks, but keep trying. At your current career-level it's just a numbers game. The more you apply the better your odds! So don't take it personally. It's not about you.

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Make sure you call the places too! If you try and check up more, you are more likely to get an interview.

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You know you can sue the **** out of them for not disposing of your personal Information correctly right? Threw your social security number, address and date of birth right in the trash for anyone to come and take so they can open credit cards in your name and all sorts of shit. Sue the **** our of them.

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Maybe it wasn't even your application! :) Stay positive!

How are they being smart-asses? If you actually read it you wouldn't feel like a doof right now.

Screw the Queen, long live the Burger King! Together you can take down the cruel manager and rule the White Castle

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And then you can hire a royal jester named Ronald McDonald.

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I know how you feel. It sucks. Economy is tough.

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That's so true. I haven't worked in a long, long time and I am a licensed nurse. Please don't get me wrong, I am not trying to say that I am in any way better or above the OP, or anyone else for that matter, simply because I have a 'fancy' license. Because I am not. I respect anybody who works and has a good work ethic no matter what their position is because it shows that they are motivated and responsible. I am simply trying to make the point that it's a hard economy for anybody to find work in. Wether you have a degree, license, certification, what have you, or not, it's rough on everyone. I have even been declined from non-nursing positions, such as Michael's, CVS, a grocery store, etc., because they deemed me over-qualified for the position because I have a license. It's a catch-22. Happy job hunting! :)

Wow dairy queen thinks they're too good for you. That's like getting rejected by a fat chick.

What like fat chics don't have standards?

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Sorry but everyone has a right to have standards.

No they do, just lower standards since they don't know how to control their eating habits.

BellaBelle_fml 23

Wow, this thread is full of douches. You are the ones who shouldn't have the right to have standards with that kind of an attitude. I'd rather be over weight than be a complete jerk. And I would rather be with someone who was over weight than be with someone who was a complete prick.

I'd rather look good naked than have a soul.

BellaBelle_fml 23

And that's your prerogative. It does not, however, make you right.

first off: not all over weight people are like that cause of bad eatting habbits. so #7 you can go shove it and be the git you are, and yes i'm not skinny myself, but i don't care i love being who i am and having meat on my bones. #32: how can you say that? I don't wanna pick a guy who is too skinny even if i maybe twice his size..everyone has their likes and dislikes. What is it to you to say that an overweight person cannot like a person cause they are much smaller then them?

As far as I know that is against Dairy Queen's company policy. I can't remember for certain how long they have to keep applications on file, but most companies are supposed to keep them on file for 90 days. Take advantage of this capitalistic society and sue the shit out of the guy and get him fired.

And this is the problem with the ability to sue anybody in the US.

skulltorn 8

I don't think the problem is that we can sue anybody. The problem is that stupid cases win.

8-That case is almost as stupid as me suing Tanya for not showing up at midnight to complete my sexual fantasies.

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Considering you have proof then it isn't a half bad idea. Question is whether or not its worth it. Cold Stone is better though.

So it is true then. You Americans really like to sue anyone for anything. What is the problem here? Maybe OP just didn't match his criterias. I'd say get over it OP. Most people have to try several times before finding a job!

The problem here is they did something illegal AND they just threw it away in a manner that can be found by anyone with his personal info on it...Social Security Number, Driver's License number, date of birth, address. Sometimes the only way to get companies to understand the severity it to punish them.

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It's a company's choice if they want to keep applications . I work for a bank and we shred applications all the time especially when we are positive we are not interested in hiring the applicant

It's not a company's choice to dispose of an application when they feel like it. The law states it must be retained for 6 months. I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt and thinking you've observed applications older than 6 months old being shredded. were contacted. At least now you don't have to sit around waiting for a call?

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You can sue them for that- they have to keep all applications on file for six months!

#12 you're completely wrong. Anyways OP, you probably didn't fill it out correctly if the manager threw it out that soon.

?No. I'm just saying from experience. Because where I work, I witnessed numerous occasions where my manager threw out applications on the spot, because of how the person filled it out.

21, just because you witnessed your boss throwing away applications doesn't make your boss OR you right. In fact, you're wrong. It is illegal to throw them away and you are required to keep them on file for 6 months. You can file them into different categories, but you can't throw them away until after 6 months, and then they have to be shredded. Ignorance is not an excuse.

And just for clarity, I'm not saying 21 is ignorant, I'm saying the person presumably throwing them away, who should know the law, can't say they didn't know, therefore claiming ignorance.

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I can understand not wanting to hire somebody when they can't even fill out an application properly, which quite frankly is a pretty simple task, especially in this economy. There are so many people looking for work which makes it necessary to have a bit of a higher standard when making the right decision of who to hire. And rightfully so. The problem is the way the application was disposed of. It should be shredded properly to protect the applicant's personal info. Furthermore, at least have the courtesy to notify the applicant upfront that they will not be considered for hiring. It is rather annoying to apply to several places and not hear one single word back concerning their decision to not hire me.