By Whoopsx99 - 30/01/2010 19:21 - United States

Today, I accidentally emailed the entire company everyone's salary, sales history, and the names of four people I intended to fire. FML
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"Today, I received an e-mail stating that I make $20 less per hour than my coworker for doing the same job, despite the fact that I've made nearly twice as many sales as him this month. I also found out I'm getting fired next week. FML"

hope u ain't cheating ur employees...or take care when you enter ur car...might


Surely that is a MASSIVE breach of the Data Protection Act 1998, likely you're liable for a lot of lawsuits. Also likely you wouldn't be able to "accidently" do something like that, but I'm going to ignore that past.

Data Protection Act 1998 = UK law. OP is in the US.

Well being one a therapist and two british all i can reccomend is to write a letter to your branch manager ( if applicable) telling how much of a swine he is and what he's put you through. But do it AFTER you get the sack. peace out x

He will probably be in luck on the Federal law side in the US. The US Personal Data Privacy and Security Act of 2009 (comparable to the Data Protection Act) has not yet been introduced to the US Senate. There have been numerous lawsuits regarding personal data breaches like this though - the most recent published at PricewaterhouseCoopers. Hope the company, the employees whose data was leaked, and his bosses have a really good sense of humor.

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holy crap …sucks to be you right about now

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Today, I got an email by mistake from my boss informing me that he planed on letting me go. I used my lunch break to go home and get my gun. FHL

when i read that I lol'ed than felt really bad about it....

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go go gadget Undo Send... a feature of Gmail

how'd u manage to email everyone and not realize it?

My sister once sent an email to all 5000 people in her office containing an attachment. She forgot the attachment and made up a lie that she'd saved them from a corrupted a file

hope u ain't cheating ur employees...or take care when you enter ur car...might

no joke, "the car bomb" by dr dre started playing on my phone right after I read it

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ur next on the chopping block for not paying attention!!!