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"Today, I received an e-mail stating that I make $20 less per hour than my coworker for doing the same job, despite the fact that I've made nearly twice as many sales as him this month. I also found out I'm getting fired next week. FML"

hope u ain't cheating ur employees...or take care when you enter ur car...might


Go suck cocks

congratulations on getting first, i also got a FIRST!!! for the fml below this

yeah #12 beat me to it by 2 seconds. literally

holy crap …sucks to be you right about now

congrats :)

no one cares that ur first

So not only are people screaming "first" but they also feel the need to talk about being first on posts they weren't even first on. What is wrong with the world???

I don't get why people get mad if someone says "first". Just let them be. And if you don't care that the person is first then stfu and leave them alone.

:D ! Someone agreed with me. (:

Today, I got an email by mistake from my boss informing me that he planed on letting me go. I used my lunch break to go home and get my gun. FHL

when i read that I lol'ed than felt really bad about it....

it's stupid because people waste so much space in the comments writing it (pol who r not first but still write it). If u r going to b first atleast write a comment tht relates to the post.

go go gadget Undo Send... a feature of Gmail

agree with 76 lol

This is by far the best FML.

how'd u manage to email everyone and not realize it?

My sister once sent an email to all 5000 people in her office containing an attachment. She forgot the attachment and made up a lie that she'd saved them from a corrupted a file

hope u ain't cheating ur employees...or take care when you enter ur car...might

no joke, "the car bomb" by dr dre started playing on my phone right after I read it

ouch suckie

That'll make for an ackward next staff meeting...

It was emailed to the entire company... -.-

Way to go, douchebag.

ur next on the chopping block for not paying attention!!!