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Today, I realized you should always knock on your parents' door before entering. Even at 6:30 am. FML
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jackii1313 9

It's called privacy! Jeshh...Learn to knock. YDI

ReesesPuffs 0

What were you doing in their room at 6:30am...


SignUpisntcool 3

First!!!Oh sorry ready for thumbs down.

Your parents must have ALOT of free time just saying...

If they had free time why would they be doing it at 6:30 in the morning?

Why? Because all that free time is dedicated to: SEX SEX SEX SEX SEX LUNCH SEX SEX SEX SEX SEX

GoW_Chick 14

Seeing as they are parents, and have a kid who doesn't understand the knock and wait for an answer rule, I doubt they have much free time. I'd also like too add one thing, STOP SAYING "JUST SAYING" AFTER YOUR DUMBASS COMMENTS, IT DOESN'T MAKE YOU SOUND COOL, IT ISN'T FUNNY, AND IT JUST MAKES PEOPLE WANT TOO SLAP YOU! ok I'm done, back to my perky, fun-loving side. :)

GoW_Chick I think you need to calm down....just sayin (:

GoW_Chick 14

You wouldn't like it when I'm calm 0.0 *twitch*

Why do you always write twitch after your comments? That doesn't make YOU sound cool and makes me want to slap you... Just saying

bfsd42 20

I agree that "just saying" is about the most annoying and childish end to a comment. All it shows is that you have no conviction to your point and probably wouldn't be able to back it up should a debate arise.

I think, sometimes, "just saying" makes it appears casual, and hence less offensive. Like now: 65! It's "to", not "too". Just saying. =)

Everybody just take a nice dosage of chill the **** out and calm down.

GoW_Chick 14

I just wanted to bitch about something that mildly irritates me, Caps rage just seemed to my point across easier, it's just my opinion on the matter. I wasn't really trying to start a debate about simple minded, overused sayings.

Well don't bitch about something again or I'll tell your mom!! Yeah I said it!! Your mom!!!

GoW_Chick 14

Oh no, not my mom! Though I am an adult so all she can really do is bitch about my bitching. :p

tdawg4200 0

If you need to borrow some midol, gow_chick, I'm sure your mother has some.

SignUpisntcool 3

I'm with 76 calm down its just fml.

GoW_Chick, stop banging your head against the wall when simple people retort. It will only cause you further headache. I work with the public, and the average person is an idiot. Seeing how this is a public forum full of average people, I think you can postulate the logical conclusion. Hold your head high and know that there is a small minority on here that has a vocabulary. Isn't afraid to use it and you are in this small group. I enjoy your postings and tend to agree with your point of view. You have restored what little faith and hope I had for the younger generation. Keep the barbs flying.

Nah I'm pretty sure all the average people are over on MLIA

130, i no rite? sum peeple are jus stoopid. jus sayin.

omarzrgz 3

130- What makes you so ******* special?

jackii1313 9

It's called privacy! Jeshh...Learn to knock. YDI

amanda_say_whutt 9

I know how you feel OP. When I was 8 I accidentally overheard my parents casually chatting about their morning activities. I had nightmares that night. O_O

juicystar777 4

did you go get into trouble or something? all because you opened the door without their approval doesn't mean anything bad. what's the big deal? :(( FYL..I think?

34-*facepalm* did you ever attend middle school?

spekledworf 18

As 15 says, it really is the best kind. No better way to start the day ;)

Well, she obviously lives for God, so then I can see some sort of reason for her obliviousness to sex. Them again, the whole book of Genesis seems to be about reproducing...

juicystar777 4

^ um nope, i know a lot about sex. yes i went to middle school. i've had sex ed and health classes. but where does it say anything about sex in the FML? :O

Uh yeah even 6:30 in the morning. Whoever told you that sex was primarily a nighttime activity had no idea what they were talking about. Yeah for a lot of people right before bed is the easiest time, but healthy couples don't have set times, they just make love whenever they have a moment and the mood catches them. Actually sex in the morning can often be the best sex as others have already said. But yeah if your parents live by themselves now you shouldn't just assume it's all right to come in without warning no matter what time it is.

Squishypenguin 0

#15, I agree that morning sex can be the best sex, unless you happen to be in prison.

My bedroom is right below my parents room. I often hear the floors creak *shivers

crammer1 6

Next FML..."my wife and I thought we could atleast get an intimate moment alone at 6:30am away from the kids in the privacy of our bedroom....our kid had other plans"

b0ngs 7

Thanks for the Sex Ed, 62. I remember hearing my Dad always asking my mom for sex, in the morning. I was petrified because I thought parents didn't have anymore sex after kids. What a dumbass I was.

MerrikBarbarian 9

144 where do you think siblings come from? ;) but morning sex is only great if you are a morning person. I'd rather be sleeping :p

blackheart24 10

170- Storks? That's what I was always told. Does something else happen?

tbone87 1

As 15 said, morning sex is great. And that's why I would say you should always knock, especially at 6 30am. Some parents would prolly think that that's the only time they can have it, people usually sleeping deeper and whatnot.

ChronicBluntz420 7

Can i hit it in the morning? Sun rising while you moaning..

I used to think that there would be no way in hell my parents are having sex anymore ( 4 children youngest is 7 I am 18) the box of condoms which I found while actually trying to find a bandaid proved me wrong

Either my parents rarely had sex or they were really good at hiding it because my room was right across the hall from theirs and most of my childhood they always had their door open.

HannahMarshall 6
ReesesPuffs 0

What were you doing in their room at 6:30am...

olpally 32

Good question..haha fyl but ydi, Parents still like to get frisky op, you should know better!

Get a clue... The category is intimacy. Does that narrow it down at all?

juicystar777 4

welll that's about the time i wake up for school. maybe OP left something in their room and needed to get it back ASAP? maybee! haha :)

I_Hug_Cats 26
imacreeper 3

Maybe saying bye before leaving for school?

Maybe op was waking them up for a ride to school

Attention echo, we have a code red situation. Reesespuffs has the the same picture as theninjabacon and nava1210. We need some backup. And lots of bacon.

18-he was asking what op was doing in there not his parents -_- learn to read please

I_Hug_Cats 26

^ one does not simply get a new picture.

Just because to you they're old to you OP doesn't mean they can't do it too!

The morning is their best bet for OP to still be asleep.

Why would op knock at 6:30 in the morning!?!?! He/She most likely thought they were asleep and probably did not want to wake them up by banging on their doors. I know when I get up for school and I need something from my parents room, I do not slam my fists on the door, rudely waking them up.

#145 - you knock because your parents may be having sex, that's why. Don't slam your fists, just knock quietly.

GovernorGeneral 8

Sexy time all the time sounds better to me o.o

Darkruler 5

Amen, brotha! *waves hands in the air*

158- 1) To whom are you asking? 2) Asking that question leaves your own icon open for judgement...

I like all the above items, bar the mining one.

In pretty sure op is capable of hating it on his own lol

Haha, he gets extra thumbs down because because he's black! XD Just kidding, that was mean. I'm sorry. (Not really)

At least the parents get to start on a good note

maybe he enjoyed watching his parents get it on

Where did you get your profile pic?? So funny!

Either demotivational or epic fail I forget. I know it sounds awful, but my mom had a mild stroke awhile back and we tease her all the time about it. We have a family guy kind of sense of humor at my house.

I know it sounds mean, but my mom jokes as much as we do about it. It's either laugh or cry. We choose to laugh.

Trust me my parents do the same. Sometimes they keep me up at night -_-

How is that too much information? I believe he conveyed a sufficient amount of data for us to know his parents are incredibly horny!

Just ask your mom the next morning. Hey mom who's big daddy? Also make sure your dads in the room to it makes it better. That will keep them quiet for some time