By beriles - 15/01/2010 05:25 - United States

Today, I was sitting next to the guy I am trying to get close to while we were at the bar. Music was playing, so I thought that while his attention was diverted I would sneak out a yawn. Just as I did so, the music went silent and I let out a tremendous burp. FML
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I'm a country boy and if anyone passes anything we never think twice about it. As a matter a fact we find it as a turn on when ours gals aren't afraid of something natural

if burping is your biggest problem, i envy you. why didnt you just laugh it off, guys burp too. im sure he woulda understood.


turtlemansam 6

you should have been like "I'd give that a 7"

jazzy_123 20

I would have thought that was awesome!

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would have been better if u puked in your mouth

Oh heavens, no! Guys hate burping so much! It's such a turn-off it could make Megan Fox seem like Amy Winehouse! Any guy caught in the same building as a burp will invariably lose his lunch! A guy will sooner die from a stomach ulcer than release a burp, and he expects women to do the same! Every time someone burps, God kills a kitten!

hitotsune26 2

#5 is wrong. I'm a guy and I like when girls burp. No not a fetish, it just shows me how comfortable they are.

#5 burping is natural, calm down. I don't think guys will necessarily make a grande deal of it.

sammy18f 9

I'm pretty sure that was sarcasm. smh.

Yawn... this isn't an fml. It's not attractive, but most men don't really care.

this is not an fml. who the hell cares if u burp?

Oh no, what a terrible life you have.

its just a burp, if he doesn't like you just because you burped he's not worth worrying about.

Whats the book called you have as a profile picture?

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