By oops - 31/03/2015 01:52 - Australia - Newtown

Today, I needed to pee at my friend's house. His bathroom door is often left closed even if there's no one in there, so I knocked just to make sure. His stepdad opened the door stark naked. FML
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"So what did you do today?" -I "met" your step dad.

That'll be a fun conversation to have at the diner table.


That's awkward. At least you have a funny story to tell in the future

That'll be a fun conversation to have at the diner table.

"So what did you do today?" -I "met" your step dad.

I think it's more interesting what they did right after that incident. was he shocked, too? or was he like wondering what's wrong with her to be shocked because he is always naked at home?

He was very surprised to see me there and kind of embarrassed but he's very much inclined to be naked at home so it wasn't that strange for him.

You're from Australia, I'm sure you've seen worse... ;) seriously though I'm sorry you had to go through that awkward encounter.

What exactly do you think Australians see? That's worse than your friends naked step dad? What do you think happens over there?

maybe he talks about spiders and stuff. but I don't really get it, too^^

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Umm HELLOOO !Naked Aborigines!!

@42 Are you actually serious? Do you really honestly think we see that?!

He could have did what I always do and saved you both some embarrassment. I yell "come on in" when people knock while I'm in the bathroom. It's always followed by an awkward silence and a quick shuffle away..

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I really want to try this in a public bathroom now...

One of these days someone is going to come right in and you will have met your match!

What the ****. Disgusting. I would never go back to that house again.

Like you've never seen a dick and balls with that profile picture.

I take it you no longer had to pee after that surprise?

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Or s(he) just peed right there....

why you put "he" in braces instead of the "s"? doesn't even make sense.