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Today, I sprayed down some ants in my house. In the sea of ant corpses was a single living ant seemingly cradling a dead one in its arms. I'm convinced I just became the villain in an epic tragedy. Now I have to live with my ant problem because I can't bear to tear another family apart. FML
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More then cradling it, it was more likely trying to carry it to eat it lol


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RIP Mr./Mrs. Ant -Here lie the body's of ants sprayed to death. Vowing to take revenge on Op's mind!

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And you're human someone should also step on you.

You could just use cinnamon... It won't kill them, they just hate it. Got rid of my ant problem!

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Ya op... my first reaction was "aww." U have a soft heart..but I wouldn't live with ants in my house (or any bug on that matter)...try the cinnamon idea...or look up other methods to repel them.

Caitie (39), are you serious? it's THAT simple?!

All ants in the colony are ladies, so what you saw wasn't a torn "family" with a mom and a dad, but a colony that underwent partial/total destruction. Unless you killed the queen, though, you're most likely still going to have a problem. Also, if it will make you feel better, that little lonely ant was probably just doing nature's instinct and cleaning up the mess. If you still feel bad, do try the cinnamon as was commented earlier, it may work!

So the ants are in some weird lesbian convent thing, 76?

#87 Male ants are called "drones", and their only purpose is to breed with the queen and then die--they don't do anything else. Any ants you ever find roaming around outside of the nest are almost always female. (This goes ditto for bees and wasps, too.)

*Yeah, that's right. Stand by* **Snipers in position** *Ready...FIRE* Run op. run

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Totally irrelevant to the conversation, but I love your pic 113. Punk is one of my favorites.

132, i thought you were gonna try and go the "Lesbiants" route im disappointed

I think OP should continue to spray them...what if they decide to take revenge?!!!!

Feeling guilty? Then learn your lesson. No survivors next time, Can't be breaking up a family that doesn't exist anymore.

In other news, Disney is making another insect movie staring Demi Levato, Johnny Depp, and OP.

98- I really identify with ants for that reason. like, why can't my sex slaves just dry up and die after we do it? ants have it all together

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Not sure if I should like, dislike, or just run from 194...

73- And Bay leaves...bay leaves work wonders...

Lol so you sprayed and watched them die. Haha.

I cannot lie, I sprayed ants in my back yard and watched them. I watched several climb up a little weed and died. I thought it was pretty interesting. But I still spray them often.

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That's a cool story. Ever thought of writing a book?

I figured I'd make a comment because the above ones are getting buried and that ant' cool. Here I was, thinking I was the only one that felt sympathetic to things like ants. One time at a Christmas tree farm, there was 1 poor little tree left after Christmas was over and I felt so bad for that little tree that I bought it just to ease my guilty conscience.

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O god I do stuff like this too. For example I could never throw away a stuffed animal ;_;

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My dad told me I needed help when I was younger because he saw me picking the wings off of "Princess" ants

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That's pretty f-ed up that you'd spray ants that are just chilling outside.... In their own environment.

Karma my friend. Good things will come to you. (although I'm still patiently waiting for mine, I'm sure it will happen!)

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This is possibly one of the worst FMLs I've read.

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It's so sad. I pictured the ant that was cradling the other ant to be looking up at OP with tears in his or her eyes

I pictured a raid commercial aftermath going on in here.

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I think this FML should have the Sarah McLaughlin song playing in the background that they play in the pet shelter ads. "Innn the aaaarrmms of an Angel."

I want to see this FML illustrated. For maximum drama. This needs to be illustrated.

its amazing the amount of shit fmls that get posted lately

he was probably listening to the little ants last dying wishes and vowing revenge. good luck op.

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One single tear dropping down?

This is one of the saddest FML's I've ever seen. I clearly saw "Antz" at an impressionable age.

More then cradling it, it was more likely trying to carry it to eat it lol

I don't know much about ants beyond the few ant farms I had when I was little, but I did notice they never seemed to eat the bodies of their friends. :(

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I stepped on an ant yesterday and watched like four other ants come over and eat it. It was disgusting and fascinating at the same time

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I read that ants carry away dead ones to a burial area because if an ant died the colony doesn't want a disease to spread rampant..

Ants don't eat the bodies. If you had an ant farm you would also notice that they DO carry the bodies, but not to eat them. It is simply to move them elsewhere so that they can decompose away from the living.

I never said they didn't carry the bodies away. I said they didn't eat them. Dunno why I got thumbed down for that. I thought it was fair point to make. People (just look at some of the comments here) assume insects are just dumb little things... but they have hierarchies, and family systems, and all sorts of cool little instincts and rules (like not eating their dead). Hell, certain types of ants have even been known to keep other insects inside the nest so they can breed/milk them (so they have a constant food source). Insects are pretty cool.

Dont worry it was most probably carrying that body to eat it later. Ants are heartless, vile creatures.

I had no idea you were the ant behavioral specialist

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Just face it OP you're a monster. Once you've come to terms with that you can continue on in life as a happy ant murdering psychopath.

Like Christian Bale in American Psycho, only he killed humans... for fun. In his head.

I thought the point of the movie was in the world you must act a certain way and fit a social standard, making everyone the same person. Look at the scene with the business cards. This congruency leads people to simply not have a clue that things outside the mold, even such gruesome things as murders. The movie was more about the shallowness of society than anything. At least that's my opinion of it.

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Yeah just wait & watch till someone says "it's just humans"

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Whenever you feel something on you but you can't see it, or don't know what it is...just know those are the spirits of the ants. They will forever haunt your life for what you did to them.

You know this saying, "You'll always live on in my heart"? It presents an easy solution for OP's problem, in that he just has to kill every ant that ever knew one of the previous victims. If you kill all the members of a civilization, then noone will be left to remember or attempt retaliation.