By Anonymous - United States
Today, my mom asked me if I had any plans to go out tonight. To divert attention, I pretended to be angry and accused her of prying into my social life. Actually, I have no social life and nobody to go out with. My only "big plans" were to finish my Sudoku book. FML
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  Marcella1016  |  31

10 - Nope OP couldn't have said that, because clearly she's very insecure. And I'm sure her mom saw right through that.

OP, we grown-ups understand a lot more than you think...we were teens once, too. And believe it or not, life gets better, so don't worry :)


How is your mom asking whether or not you have plans prying, exactly? She's just wondering. No need to act like an ass. Just a thought, but perhaps that's why you have no social life?

  perdix  |  29

She wasn't mean for no reason -- she was trying to divert her mom's attention.

It may have been a stupid, shitty reason, but it was a reason nevertheless.

By  your_ma  |  27

Being an asshole to your mum for no reason is not okay. Also, she probably saw through it. Also, stop waiting for friends and a social life to happen to you while you sit on your ass playing sodoku. If you want a social life make it happen for yourself!

  Ynasia  |  5

This is why I fear having kids. On one hand, many kids are wonderful and respectful--on the other, they act like spoiled brats. And...people's parents have a right to know where their kid will be going. Honestly, first world problems -.-

  pbonham  |  22

How were we supposed to know you were dyslexic?!?! I hate when people pull out the sympathy card and make them feel guilty when they didn't even know the situation!!!


What I meant to say was that OP didn't have to lie you could've said, "Oh, Nothing. I just want to finish my Sudoku puzzle."

I was on my phone and my auto-correct system was acting an ass.

  MindFreakazoid  |  10

Yes because your auto correct squished all of what you just said into OP being a moron? No. You thought that would get upvotes, and so when it didn't, and you couldn't edit it, you commented again. Making yourself look worse. Please do try harder next time.