By Anonymous - 16/08/2012 06:33 - United States

Today, my mom asked me if I had any plans to go out tonight. To divert attention, I pretended to be angry and accused her of prying into my social life. Actually, I have no social life and nobody to go out with. My only "big plans" were to finish my Sudoku book. FML
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Your mum was being nice to you!!! How could you be mean like that for no reason?!?!

Just wow, sounds psychotic to me.


Just wow, sounds psychotic to me.

DreBeezy 9

So OP couldn't have just said, "Not tonight, Mom." She could've very well needed you for something that night. Way to be an ass OP.

Mighty inconsiderate of you OP... maybe your mum wanted some "alone time" with your dad... :-)

winnerme123 8

Why is that psychotic? sudoku is many peoples best friend.

30- Yes, because doing Sudoku is what's wrong with OP. -__-

Marcella1016 31

10 - Nope OP couldn't have said that, because clearly she's very insecure. And I'm sure her mom saw right through that. OP, we grown-ups understand a lot more than you think...we were teens once, too. And believe it or not, life gets better, so don't worry :)

I'm sorry but your life seems a little sad

I don't know how you managed to get a "little" sad from this. This is terrible. D:

ArielTheMermaid 17

How is your mom asking whether or not you have plans prying, exactly? She's just wondering. No need to act like an ass. Just a thought, but perhaps that's why you have no social life?

Thats quite pathetic OP.

I know right? How hard is it to make a friend...

And OP wonders why she has nobody to hang hot with...

Your mum was being nice to you!!! How could you be mean like that for no reason?!?!

She brought you into this life, OP. She can take you out of it.

Yeah, back the way you came!!

perdix 29

She wasn't mean for no reason -- she was trying to divert her mom's attention. It may have been a stupid, shitty reason, but it was a reason nevertheless.

Why is perdix being thumbed down? It's true, she did give a reason. Even if it /was/ all hunky-dory.

All I have to say back to 61 and 74 is... Shut up!

Being an asshole to your mum for no reason is not okay. Also, she probably saw through it. Also, stop waiting for friends and a social life to happen to you while you sit on your ass playing sodoku. If you want a social life make it happen for yourself!

Although, judging from the way OP treats her mom, the reason she doesn't have any friends is pretty apparent.

This is why I fear having kids. On one hand, many kids are wonderful and respectful--on the other, they act like spoiled brats. And...people's parents have a right to know where their kid will be going. Honestly, first world problems -.-

I agree with your comment!!!

It's not your moms fault you are a looser.

pcentral 17

A looser? Wow. Go read a dictionary. Or learn how to Google. For the sake of humanity.

And that doesn't make OP a loser, she's just an introvert. You should really think before you start typing. ("looser", really?)

Soy un perdedor I’m a loser baby, so why don’t you kill me?

i think he actually spelt loser like that on purpose. he dragged out the o so it would be written as he would say it in person.

Or 6 was trying to call OP a ****?

Nope just dyslexia. But thanks guys.

AHEM AHEM *loser sorry I had to.

No, 93, you really didn't.

How were we supposed to know you were dyslexic?!?! I hate when people pull out the sympathy card and make them feel guilty when they didn't even know the situation!!!

BicPlease 3

Sorry, grammar doesn't work that way. :-/

I know plenty of people with no social life and have jobs. My manager is one. He talks about his dog to no end.

I love sudoku. But need to get a life!

So your idea to divert attention is to...get all defensive to the point where your mom probably suspects that you don't have a social life. Slick as oil

You are such a moron, OP.


What I meant to say was that OP didn't have to lie you could've said, "Oh, Nothing. I just want to finish my Sudoku puzzle." I was on my phone and my auto-correct system was acting an ass.

MindFreakazoid 10

Yes because your auto correct squished all of what you just said into OP being a moron? No. You thought that would get upvotes, and so when it didn't, and you couldn't edit it, you commented again. Making yourself look worse. Please do try harder next time.