By Anonymous - 15/08/2012 23:58 - Australia

Today, I was hanging out with my brother and his friends. While we were walking to the store, there was a loud snap. Everyone jumped. My bra had snapped, and I had to hold back tears of pain and pretend I was just as confused as they were, while they searched for the source of the sound. FML
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OhDearBetrayal 25

That shouldn't happen if you were wearing the right type of bra. Maybe it's time for you to go up a size.. Or two ? :-)


OhDearBetrayal 25

At least you were wearing a bra in the first place, thumbs up for that. :/

Hot girls we have problems too.... 19- you shouldn't be wearing yours [:

#20 your a creep, keep UR thoughts to yourself

22 - please keep yours on. Oh and you're*

Gladly. I wouldn't take mine off for a pathetic excuse for a guy such as yourself. And whatever. You're not the grammar police.

22- how is 20 a creep? She's a chick too?!?

I'm actually a guy quoting a song, and you're very hot. Just sayin'

carminecris89 13

22 How is 20 a creep? 19 is totally hot, what guy wouldn't say that...and I'll be honest, when guys let tacky stuff like that slip out a lot of us girls secretly like the compliment...even if it's a little classless.

adamcichuttek 2

1 - Read my about me. Day = made

Regardless of whether or not you think comedybreak's er...'compliment' was cute or not, this is FML, not a dating site. Save the flirting for the PMs or sign up for eHarmony.

How is 20 a creep if she's asking for it on her picture?

mrbobmarley4 8

22 and 19 are both pretty hot..

If the married man can add his objective opinion? I think 19, 22, and 50 are all very attractive women. I suppose to some degree, we all want to be judged positively for the picture we choose to represent us on our profile. That being said, OhDearBertayal is sporting some super sexy luggage! Love the red! ;)

Psych101 9

comedybreak- Keep this up, I think it's working. I can't even tell you how many happy couples I know that got started on FML.

jujubunni5 9

I agree with 50. I do appreciate comments like that sometimes (:

Wow, what a Hotty!!! Oops, it just slipped out! But I mean it!!! ;-)

RiRiVonTrapp 0

This just happened to me the other day, my bra was the right size, and I am the same weight. Old? yes, but I take care of my bras, it wasn't frayed and the hooks were fine,it was the underwire that snapped and was stabbing my boob. That would make anyone want to cry.

countrygirl626 16

83- Same thing happened to me in math class one day. Except my math class was in the morning and I had to sit with that until 4:30 when I got home. Absolute torture.

hahafylop 4

A lot of people have fulfilled your dream...,

OhDearBetrayal 25

53- Aww, that's so nice of you:') 100- Yes, I appears so:)

# 83, Ouch! That's why I stopped wearing underwires!

Aspen_Grace33 27

How tight was your bra that it snapping caused so much pain?!

Even a little pull from someone hurts, I can't imagine the pain of it breaking.

KilljoyParade 4

5- Actually, it doesn't hurt at all when people pull mine. I was wondering the same thing. It had to have been way too small for it to have even snapped like that in the first place.

Same here my Best friend as a joke would pull mine all the way back and let it go an It wouldnt hurt so even when I pulled hers back a little she would scream and jump haha

105- People have sensitive skin, and a major place where I'm sensitive is on my back. You may have a high pain tolerance than others, so you can't really assume that it doesn't hurt for everyone.

momolee 4

a sign she gained weight? Or that she wears the wrong bra size

It was a sign. A sign from a playful ghost playing tricks on you.

FMLshark 12

A sign that the ninjas are getting horny.

Sinamoi 18

56- You know too much. I look forward to killing you soon.

FMLshark 12

Unlikely, 65. Unless you can invest in some ninja scuba gear. Otherwise, I look forward to finding out if ninjas really do taste like chicken.

Sinamoi 18

I'm about to pin your ass on a Shark Week poster. Bring it!

I'll pistol whip both of you like I did to that waiter.

Whoops I thumbed you up. Didn't mean to do that.

That shouldn't happen if you were wearing the right type of bra. Maybe it's time for you to go up a size.. Or two ? :-)

Or maybe OP had the bra for a long time & can't afford a better one. Cheap bras tend to wear & tear easily.

#61, That was my thought. When I was a broke student, underwear was one of the last things replaced. Hope a stafety pin didn't pop also, when OP's bra did!

bjoernabee 1

Dang... Sounds like an FYL to me...

taniamw 9

There is a button you could have pressed..

Hence why it's on a site titled FML. See a connection...?

Ouch that sucks. Probably you should excuse yourself to the bathroom. At least the broken bra was not noticeable, being loose and such. Time to plan a different outing to go bra shopping, and buy a bigger bra. Your bra is less likely to break and it'll feel more comfortable on you afterwards. :)

"while we were walking to the store", no bathroom there

wolfshadow 4

Stores have bathrooms most of the times dude.

depends on what kind of store some places dont have public restrooms only ones for employees.

Most stores I've been in have no bathrooms that customers can get to. They only have them if they're serving food/drinks. Maybe it's a UK thing (which is where I am).

107 is correct, because it said while WALKING to the store, meaning they weren't at the store yet.

mariet_fml 23

Most stores in the USA have bathrooms for customers. Why not in the UK?

#121: I have no earthly idea. I guess it gives the staff one less thing to deal with?

Ouch, i can't say i know the feeling of the Pain, but i'm sure it must of hurt like hell. FYI OP

I find it hard to believe that your bra was tight enough to snap without cutting off your circulation.

ByronJess 17

Perhaps her bra was not only tight, but old and worn. The little hooks on the back will pull apart from the fabric after the bra has been worn and washed a lot. Wearing a right bra would add to the strain. Also, her bra may have had a pesky plastic from clasp. I've had more than one of those snap and break on me after moving the wrong way. The possibilities are almost endless.

at least your boob didn't fall out :)

10- .....Because Op only has the one boob to fall out? ;P

Snackycake 20

Haven't you ever heard of the super boob:)

89- Well....Now I have, thanks. :) Must be the same as the Uniboob I've heard of before: Kinda looks like someone's trying to smuggle an inner tube tire under their shirt, up around their armpits. ;P Edit: Damn 132 beat me. :)

Good news is you get to go bra shopping! There's a silver lining to everything. :)