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By  SaltLord  |  10

That's disgusting. Mold and bacteria can form up on food and it's unhealthy to live in a space like that. He could get really sick from that. Perhaps you can work something out or tell him to stop? Just work things out, OP.

  Rababco  |  29

That quite a bit different though. It's one thing to buy candy with ants in it, it's another thing to leave candy out for ants to eat and then eating both the candy and ants. The candy attracts more ants then the roommate can eat and now OP and the roommate have an ant problem. Plus, the candy ends up covered in germs and dirt. It can get stuck to the carpet if the apartment has carpet and OP could accidentally step in it. It's way grosser than buying candy with ants inside it. If the roommate likes eating candy and ants than they should buy candy that already ants in it.

  manofmerr  |  27

True though that is, what he's doing is free:) We'll just ignore all the unknowns, such as where the ants have been, what lovely germs they might have,and what may or may not be on the floor. Although i could also make a argument that the roomate has pica, so theres always that.