By Anonymous - 10/09/2011 15:34 - United States

Today, I found thousands of ants in a secret nest in an unused corner of my apartment. They were feeding on the baking mix I forgot in a box from moving in two months ago, and the queen has been laying her eggs on my wireless router. FML
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She lays her eggs there because she can wirelessly transfer them to any part of the nest.


monkeys1315 0

That's nasty. You should probably take care of that

GwarKitty 5

Dude it's like Indian in the Cupboard but cooler. You could train your little colony to raid small good stores. Rule side by side with their Queen. This is a win not a fml.

indielove 13

YDI for not cleaning, and for saying 'a thousands'.

Methinks you live in a lonely bachelor pad...

LiveLaughFML 10

i've heard of computers having Cookies, but never cyberspiders. :O

krazy_glu3 0

Am I the only one who had to read the first sentence over a few times because the wording was all screwed up?

Why the **** are you posting an FML, go get the flamethrower behind the utility cabinet now!!! Wait, everyone DOESN'T have a flamethrower? :|

NikkiFlysKites 8

where do you see the word spider in this FML?

Has anyone pondered this situation...I smell an ant farm

You can make some delicious ant-filled cake now.

You can make some delicious ant-filled cake now.

KiddNYC1O 20

Nah, cinnamon does the trick. And clean up the half eaten Snickers bar...

Flammable aerosol + Zippo lighter = ant burning fun frenzy in the corner! :D

guess its time for billy the exterminator :o

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Ah ! You live in Louisiana !! I love Billy !!

For ants? Unless they are red ants the exterminator is a little extreme. Just grab some raid and grow a pair. Maybe clean your apartment more offen.

I would freak out if I found a box of spiders. As a basement dweller I see them here and there and it always makes me jump. Dunno what it is but man they freak me out

Yeah I can kinda tolerate ants but not spiders or like other bugs in general

KiddNYC1O 20

37- Oh no you didn't. :snaps fingers in z formation:... Who doesn't love 80's music? Those hits were great.

I read the first sentence 10 times and STILL can't make sense of what it says.

She lays her eggs there because she can wirelessly transfer them to any part of the nest.

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She can send them anywhere on earth that has wifi, teleportation makes for easy food

evanedwards85 6

let's see how you react to an ant infestation in your room

Hey if it's an unused corner what's the problem. You have the room, they need it :D