By Playaaa - 14/11/2015 22:08 - United States - Hollister

Today, I realized when I'm on my phone, I tend to play with my penis, even in public. FML
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Absent-minded actions are sometimes pretty embarrassing.

Not uncommon lots of absent minded men do it, me included. #1 not weird at all.


I do the same thing... we're weird aren't we :(

Don't worry; there's an app that can help. On second thought, maybe a book would be better for you…

Absent-minded actions are sometimes pretty embarrassing.

Gives new meaning to the term 'Phone sex'

Not uncommon lots of absent minded men do it, me included. #1 not weird at all.

Yeah, I absent-mindedly play with my boobs a lot. It happens in public or in front of friends sometimes and once I realize it I get so embarrassed. u_u

Boobs aren't like penises though, the female equivalent is to have a good old dig around your lady bits. Sometimes I have to play with my boobs to get crumbs out/off them (then I'm like ooo soft), it's not the saaaame.

danceinconverse 25

It's not weird, but it's definitely not a good thing to do.

I do those things to absentmindedly but I manage to not do them when I'm on the phone in public...

Sometimes us guys just have to take the risk of looking weird. Things move around down there and we have to adjust things.

But he wasn't adjusting...he was playing with himself...

#15 I do that all the time. I'm trying to get rid of the habit but I just start doing it randomly in front of strangers.

amileah13 26

Better be careful.... You can get into some serious trouble for doing so in public.

It's not like he's jacking off... Or having sex. I highly doubt he'll be incarcerated.

With the amount of sensitivity that's flowing through some people in the US right now, I wouldn't be surprised if OP would've gotten arrested

tis a good point, can you imagine if there were kids around? just not cool be careful

Doesnt matter. Its still against the law in most states.

amileah13 26

If he is shown groping himself in public and if there are any children around, his whole life will turn upside down in an instant. He will have to register as a sex offender and the excuse of "oh I was just messing with my phone and I guess I touch myself when that happens" ain't going to cut it in court.

My theory is if you let a hot girl play with your phone she'll absentmindedly do the same thing.

#24 im sure a few of us thought of that cheesy line, but actually saying it is another thing. RIP you XD

skymachine 23

Wow. #24 is the smoothest guy I've seen on this site.

haha wow, everyone is so touchy about a joke. just so we're clear neither she, nor anyone else on here, would really be allowed to play with anything of mine.

It seems like a bit of a dick move but my brother does it too so don't feel bad.

It is a Dick move... We move the dick...

Bring a hat and set it on the ground. Maybe people will pay for a show.

Do you do that in front of ur family too? well....umm...that's strange of u.

I do that too! However not in public. Try to control yourself maybe, it can scare people.

She plays with the OP's despite the distance between them. She's an absentminded witch.

Welcome to the internet if anything here surprises you then run, you will find much worse if you keep looking.