By IsThisRealLife - 01/02/2016 17:00 - United Kingdom

Today, I woke up with an extremely irritable rash around my crotch. I didn't want to full out itch it by putting my hands down my pants, so I itched it by putting my hand in my pockets. I got kicked off the train for "pleasuring myself in public." FML
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Please don't elaborate on the rash. We don't need to know.

Coffee5555 14

says the one with a pic like that....


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Coffee5555 14

says the one with a pic like that....

Well was the itching pleasurable?

Maybe you should get that checked out, OP.

You can have an itch and not need it to be checked out.

Please don't elaborate on the rash. We don't need to know.

Yeah, that's not atopic I would want to talk about.

probably shouldn't have salvaged that free couch from up the road

LiteralxShit 15

I mean, I think that scratching an itch would be pretty pleasurable.

At least you're not itchy anymore

Except they probably are because rashes tend to keep on itching.

Indeed it's hard to get rid of that feeling..especially in public.

Maybe clean that area better next time you're taking a shower. Shouldn't be waking up with rashes there in the first place

BlockOfRedStone 25

When I wear a bathing suit I ALWAYS get a rash there (on the inside thighs, which is close enough to call the crotch area). That's why I hate going to water parks because walking around in a wet bathing suit just irritates the skin there too much.

Ummm i don't think you're suppose to get a rash wearing a bathing suit. Maybe it's too small or you have really sensitive skin?

CheshireHalli 19

She did say the inside of her thighs, and I don't know about you, but my legs rub together some when I walk. Wet skin tends to make chafing or a rash like appearance. So it might not be a too small suit.

iAmPaul 49

@37: #17 is a guy.

Guys have legs too y'know

ViviMage 38

Get some cortisone cream or something for nappy rash!

andrmac 25

Cortisone BAD if that's jock itch and you aren't using anti fungus cream too. Could actually make it worse and cause it to spread since fungus loves moisture.