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Today, I regret asking my neighbor to turn down his music last night. When I left for work, I found his car parked so close to mine that I couldn't squeeze between them. His wife's was parked the same way on the other side. They wouldn't answer their door and I ended up being late to work. FML
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  lunar999  |  23

Not only are they assholes but they're also probably breaking the law. I know in the UK at least it's illegal to totally block someone in unless you have permission

  MissEris  |  27

#55, after knocking a bunch like she did and them ignoring me on purpose to be dicks, a tow truck sounds pretty damn mature considering what I would've done..


#98 Don't spread that information, because it's wrong. If the cost for 3 tires is over the amount of the deductible, the insurance will pay for the amount over the deductible. It does NOT matter how many tires are punctured.

  DoomedGemini  |  37

Asking someone to turn down their music is actually very polite(as long as you obviously weren't rude). Op is fully within rights to not want to hear loud music from the neighbors, if it was loud enough they could have made a complaint.

By  iheartstupid  |  4

I have a psychotic neighbor, and crap like this is exactly why I don't get involved directly with her. I let the cops and my apt. complex management handle it, because the potential for payback's not worth it. Not that you deserved it at all, but next time just call the cops and let them deal with it.