By Anonymous - 20/10/2020 21:01 - Canada - Spruce Grove

Dick appointment

  Today, I walked out halfway through a much anticipated dick appointment because it became apparent that he thought my clit was located somewhere on my upper thigh. He kept rubbing it and moaning, "Oooooh, I bet you like that, baby." No, sir, I certainly did not. FML
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By  xxlk4xx  |  5

was it dark in the room? I know sometimes my hubby will rub the wrong area thinking that's where he is supposed to be lol, I just relocate him to the correct area🤣 if it was light and he could see what he was doing then I still probably would have been like "sir, you need to be over here" also the term "dick appointment" made me laugh haha

By  icalledhisname  |  11

So many men do this. It’s crazy. Basic anatomy, explaining to him where it is is like explaining where an ear is. I get it that we should educate our partners, but teaching things like that shouldn’t be necessary. All he had to do was take a look...