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Today, I realized that my husband and I are at that point in our marriage where "sleeping together" means scooting closer to each other in the bed. FML
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Just keep scooting until your genitals get stuck together.

And then wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle, yeah!


Just keep scooting until your genitals get stuck together.

And then wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle, yeah!

Stuck together? That would be awkward O_o

Stuck together? That would be awkward O_o

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Or when she scoots back, if OPs husband has a boner..then theres hope. (shrugs)

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Your husband cuddles fine with me.

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1- best comment for a while indeed!! 56- take heed of your name...

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I am listening to that song right now cD

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Technically, you are sleeping in the same bed together.

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2 - So, when you were a kid sleeping in the bed with your parents, do you tell people you slept with your parents as a kid?

I don't think you know what technically means.

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I read #2 comment and the first thing that popped into my mind was the movie "Marie Antoinette" where they were in bed, but the king had erectile dysfunction so they never really had sex. Maybe your husband has erectile dysfunction and is too embarrassed to tell you, OP! :o

36, yes, I did used to say I'd slept with my parents cus no one (obviously other than yourself) is sick enough to assume intercourse. plus, op, there isn't anything wrong with cuddles :)

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92 - Obviously you missed the whole point to my comment. It's ok re-read it, then look at what I replied to and come back to me with a judgement.

I don't know about y'all but the first thing that came to my mind (since I am married) is that them scooting together is the way they let each other know that they want to have sex. My husband and I give hints also lol

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Same here I mean I slept with my parents I'm sure I didn't want the boogy man to get me when I was younger ha ha but bye god just becAuse I slept with my parents doesn't mean anything dirty just means they loved me

Sounds like y'all need some Barry white

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Uuuhmm... >.> More like "previous musical generation" reference...

Or if they are black they can get some Boyz II Men in there.

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Do you have to be black to like their music?

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I think that's sweet. A relationship where just lying next to each other is intimate enough. I wouldn't stress about it. It might take longer periods in between each love making session, but it won't completely stop. Be thankful you both have each other.

pinkcrayola 0's not. A romantic relationship includes the sexual stuff too. Even if that slows down once you're older and married, it's still what keeps a relationship healthy. And because they posted it on fml I don't think the OP is happy with just sleeping next to their spouse.

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I think the point of the FML is that it did stop.

SecretMe - I totally agree with you, though it sounds like the sex HAS stopped. Pinkcrayola - when you get married and have kids, THEN you can comment on what is normal and healthy in a relationship. Childhood (ie teen) relationships are based on sex. Long-term adult relationships are based on trust and mutual respect. Sex is yet another small part in a very complex arrangement.

You know, DocBastard, I've never disagreed with anything you've posted. Also, I read your blog sometimes =) Very funny, you're good at telling stories about your experiences.

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While you are technically correct, DocBastard, I don't feel it really applies to this FML. I'm sensing that the problem isn't precisely the lack of sex, but rather the lack of trust, respect, and understanding, which in turn can lead to less frequent sexual activity. It seems like the desire to be intimate with each other has worn out, which is of course, not a healthy thing for a relationship. My interpretation of this FMl is that they just feel distant from each other.

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I agree that relationships change a you get older and maybe I'm not the most qualified to know how a marriage should be handled. But I disagree that sex is only important as a teenager. Look at the rate of cheating in marriages. Not all of that is sexual, but I'm willing to bet some of it is. Obviously sex is still an important factor at later ages and should be taken into account. Yes the relationship tends to be more mature and other things come into play. And, the desire for sex is less because of hormones I think. But I still think some sex is one of the several factors in setting any romantic relationship apart from a friendship.

Shrooms, I didn't interpret it that way. I just read it as their sex life died. Could be kids, money issues, whatever. We're both making assumptions, and that's dangerous. Pinkcrayola - if you admit that you aren't qualified, why continue the argument? I'm not trying to be rude (FOR ONCE!), but once you're older, you'll see it from a different perspective. I never said sex isn't important in a marriage (reread my comment), but it is in no way what holds a relationship together.

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It's just my younger perspective on it. I don't think the only ones who can give their opinions on these types of things should be adults. But now I get what you mean. Still, I think a complete lack of it is an issue.

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I agree with docbastard on everything except teen relationships is all based on sex. Granted, most are Not all though.

I didn't say ALL based on sex. Teens are just walking bags of hormones. Sex just becomes slightly less important as time goes on.

It's not an English exam, no need to analyse it :D

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Pinkcrayola, I am 22 and 1/2 years-old in a long term relationship of 2 years and I can proudly agree with Doc Bastard and also say this has nothing to do with hormones.

"Walking bags of hormones!" Lol that gave me the most hilarious visual!

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@DocBastard I have to agree with you. Sex isn't a major facor in relationships. This generation though seems to more revolve around it. There are real relationships in teens though. I have seen quite a few so real love, honesty, and trust is still there; its just something you don't see often anymore. Oh to the guy who brought up cheating, if you cheat on your wife/husband you were never truly in love. If you were you would know doing such thoughts dont even pop up in your head. Okay im done writing to a post no one will read.

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Married 10 years. Sex is still very important to us. So long as both parties are satisfied with whatever frequency it occurs, however, it is irrelevant what happens in other marriages or relationships.

Much agreed Sir. My wife and I were in OP's position and it was because of the mutual respect and love (foundational) that we were able to work through the sexual issues (secondary).

You could feel sorry for yourself, or you could get on top of him and have some fun. Or, to quote The Shawshank Redemption: Get busy living, or get busy dying.

Great quote! I love "The Shawshank Redemption". I learned what the meaning of the word "obtuse" was from watching that movie.(:

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dress up as a mattress and you might get laid.... on.

I'm wondering how to dress like a matress...?

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well it's easy, i'll frame it out for you. she should blanket herself with soft fabric. then he should comforter and lay her down in a canopy of love. rub her footboards gently and massage her side rails, and before long she'll feel how sprung you are and give you some headboard in your crib. ladies remember, kinky sex can set a strong foundation for relationships.

Hahaha you're so strange! It's awesome =)

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Looks like you need to spice it up a little..

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It's better than being in operate beds, rooms, our divorced. Maybe you should take initiative and change the positions if you don't like them.

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Looked like ur pic... Would have to make other arrangements:)

You correct the "our" but not the "operate?" I thought the latter was bound to be noticed first.

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Also shouldn't initiative be incentive ? Initiative doesn't quite make sense in that sentence either.

Nope. "Taking the initiative" is a phrase commonly used to say "make the first move."