By BFons - 15/12/2014 02:07 - United States - Newark

Today, my wife and I are about to move across the country when the landlord for our new house called and said a water line busted and flooded the house. The movers are coming tomorrow. FML
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I'm sorry to hear that happened, but it's better than if all your belongings arrived yesterday.


really hope they didn't scam you for your money... I've heard they will pull the broken water main stunt to buy time to disappear....

I'm sorry to hear that happened, but it's better than if all your belongings arrived yesterday.

I know that feeling, Op! Sorry to hear. At least all your stuff wasn't already in it though.

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Yet another reason to hate cold weather... Sorry OP.

I wouldn't even know what to do. I hope they are kind enough to help you. Sorry op.

I new someone that was moving into their new place the next day and the movers were scheduled to come the same day.

...(oh yay, the app froze and I didn't get to finish), but something happened and the landlord called hours before they were on the way that they couldn't move in yet. the movers already had everything packed and refused to hold their stuff. basically, they had nowhere to put their shit. the land peoples should totally have an extra living space to accommodate for their f-ups.

So landlords should always have a backup property on the small chance that something happens to the house in the time before new tenants move in? I have 3 houses that I have been renting out for over 10 years and I have never had something happen at the last moment. And if it did, I would not be able to pull another house out of by back pocket. If they are lucky, maybe the rental agency might have another property available in the area that might be suitable for a short term until the problem is fixed.

Maybe ask the new landlord if their insurance covers tenant accommodation in the event of an emergency making the property uninhabitable? Unless I'm way, way mistaken, there should be -some- system in place to help you out. Failing that, beg and plead with your current landlord to let you stay (obviously you'll pay for the time) until the new place is inhabitable again or you find somewhere else. The movers probably won't mind a delay as long as you tell them the situation ASAP. I hope things turn out ok, OP.