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Today, I realized that my coach doesn't close the door and the blinds to perform half-naked body checks (to make sure his team is in shape) on anyone else but me. FML
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report him...that behavior sounds suspicious

I could be wrong, but I think sexual abuse goes quite a lot further than simply "FML"...


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report him...that behavior sounds suspicious

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When he says half naked, I think that means without a shirt. It also depends what level he is playing on, if it is a collegiate level then it is perfectly fine. It would be kind of creepy if it was high school, but it is most likely not because of the possible allegations.

"My teacher doesn't violate my privacy. FML"

Toxi (#29), You can change which half is naked, partway through the re-enactment.

It's also a possibility this is because he DOESN'T perform half-naked body checks on anyone else? Either way, you should simply inform a higher up member or staff.

Well that sounds fun! Aw, this math is too difficult. The easiest number (or percent of clothing) to work with is ZERO! :)

point out on this doll where he touched you.... .,. but seriously? im sure he can brisk through the changing room will your changing if he needs to see who is get a fat... if he feels your muscles ect ... that is very .... not right.... if your student in school... its illegal... if not then its still wierd

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LOL this is the weirdest thing I've ever this an American thing or something? Because here in Canada, our coaches most definitely do NOT do that! :O

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I am confused. You are replying to the first post, but saying it is at #29? What the hell? You're doing it wrong.

deja54 (#49). Comments tend to jump around randomly. Hit Refresh several times and you'll see the page change everytime. It's chaotic. Deal with it.

Other way around... He said the coach violates only his privacy.

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#44 - Broad, general statements make you strong, like ox.

#35: you are a ******* troll. he's saying his coach is a damn pedo who only checks HIM out half naked, hence the closed door.

coach for wat that sounds like a pedo to me

no 128 the op is saying the coach " inspects" the whole team and only leaves the door open for the op so anyone else can see them

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no he is saying when he performs the check he closes the door with op. and no I have never heard of coaches doing half naked checks. weird.

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**** you, 44. Not all Americans are sick.

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i love how the second comment is half way down the page because of all the replies to first comment..

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wow u need to report him that sounds like sexual harrassment whether he is just looking at u or touching u...seeing as ur coach is a guy n im guessing ur a girl (or a very whiny boy >.> in which case GO LOOSE THE WEIGHT if thats how u feel) then he cant be looking at the girls like that...kinda illegal. if ur coach was a girl then its another thing. ur coach should be having some1 else do that...a fitness person or something (female) or a male doctor or something....but not the coach! whether its college or high school i dont think the school would allow it!! n even just a team 4 the state or something then he could get reported n go to jail. ne wayz... *Creeper No Creeping*

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yeah. it IS illegal. isn't is obvious he's a guy? what kind of girl team does half naked body checks with a male coach? half the people here don't get this fml =.=

That's what middle aged guys do in Texas. Ask plexico.

Thanks for calling me middle aged, not old! (And leaving out the creeper part.) You're too kind. Stupid OP didn't put in a gender! If it's a dude, big deal. A shirtless guy . . . even if I were anything other that 100% hetero, that would still be boring. Now if it's a girl, I wanna hear more. Which half? Top or bottom?

You're welcome. I only didn't put "old" due to the fact I doubt this coach is old too. ;) I kid. plexi is a stud. Yeah, gender has a bearing on this. You know, half naked can be the outer half. Just panties and bra, maybe? I'm guessing it's a guy, though. A girl would be suspicious long before this...

The way you and I are going to re-enact the original post.

No, I really didn't get it. But then I'm apparently really slow at comprehending today... Edit: plexi, I replied. Refresh. It is trying to eat it.

Wow at what? We weren't talking about doing anything that could be watched until you said that and he said "re-enacting it"... I don't ******* get it. Your comment was nonsensical.

Well, BS detector, your profile says you are from the United States. This is Texas. The "rules" are a little different here, and enforcement is also selective.

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Plexico can be my coach any day...just stop locking me in the closet and telling me you're going to sell me to inbred tourists. Its not how you pay taxes here in America.

But, but.... plexico is a plumpa. Some coach he'd be! ;) Also, I don't feel like writing another comment for someone else. The_Pleb: You fail. Buried.

RubixMonkey, I'll be your coach. Drop and give me twenty! I'll leave it up to you to decide twenty of what.

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that's either creepy or insulting... either way-fyl

it's insulting means he is the only one to have the blinds and door closed on him

I could be wrong, but I think sexual abuse goes quite a lot further than simply "FML"...

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Fake or call the cops UNLESS you're overweight or something

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We aren't picky, we just don't like you.