Here's this week's FML Photo

By hayleyalexis422 - 30/01/2017 16:04 - France - Paris

Today, my trainer thought it would be funny to do some reverse role play. I have to work with him every day. FML
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Kristoffer 35

There's no picture.

The picture doesn't even load for me.


Captioned by hayleyalexis422. Well done!

I like how a staff member has negative votes

Not so well done when nothing has been captioned ;(

Anyone else getting the same picture that's 2 pictures down?

The picture doesn't even load for me.

It doesnt for me either

Triangle6757 9


Kristoffer 35

There's no picture.

thatnewgirl 16

am i the only one unable to see a pic?

Ambrily 27

No, you're not. No pics for me either.

I prefer to work with a blank canvas as well.

Today, we were learning how to take a bite out of crime. I didn't think they meant it literally. FML.

"I agree, well spotted"? There's nothing to spot!

What's there to spot? THERE'S NO CAPTION DAMNIT

Today, It was my first day on the job of under-cover work! My partner couldn't catch the perp, though! Fml