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Today, I realized that before I can legally drink, I will have been married, divorced, and pregnant. FML
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How do you know they slept around in high school? Here's some math: Marries at 18 (we have seen why this is becoming less common), gets pregnant a year later (now she's 19), marriage fails (because they were young and didn't think it through) and she will probably be 20 before the divorce is finalized. Perfectly reasonable scenario, not a ****, and still too young to drink. #10--asshole. Go back to remedial modern day society classes, and adjust your views of this country. God, some people are so out of touch.

I laughed that you said it's "not hard." you must be getting help.


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You deserve it for being such a ****; you deserve all the pain you go through and are going through. That'll teach you to stop being a **** and to not get married out of high school and get knocked up you dumbass.

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Not all girls who get pregnant and married young are *****. It could be the guys fault for why it didn't work. Surely was in my case yet I'm better off w/o him.

Well I think most of your problems are from illegal drinking so it's not like you're missing anything.

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How do you know they slept around in high school? Here's some math: Marries at 18 (we have seen why this is becoming less common), gets pregnant a year later (now she's 19), marriage fails (because they were young and didn't think it through) and she will probably be 20 before the divorce is finalized. Perfectly reasonable scenario, not a ****, and still too young to drink. #10--asshole. Go back to remedial modern day society classes, and adjust your views of this country. God, some people are so out of touch.

26 speaks the truth. OP, im sorry, but you'll be okay, just stay positive. this kinda makes me glad that im not getting married at 19 like planned...

poor guy 37. lucky for the rest of the guys though. ;)

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So 26 what makes your scenario right? He had an idea just like you. No need to get bent out of shape and rant. Did you get pregnant in high school or something? lol

Oh my god 48.......I'm laughing so hard right now. Want to know why? Because I'm thirteen. And a virgin. Did I ever say my scenario was right? 3 said theirs was, and I was providing an example of how it might not be. It could have been a shotgun wedding, but she also could have gotten pregnant while married. Where was the rant?

lol actually 38, HE dumped ME, otherwise i'd still wanna marry him sadly :

Most people grad at like 17. I got pregnant at 19. Long past when I finished school. And I've been together with the same guy since 15, we're legally married and almost split just before I became pregnant. We were legally married by than already having lived together since we were 17. OP it does suck doesn't it lol. He may not have left yet but the threat is always on everything.

mfmylifesrsly, you was actually considering getting married? at your age? don't you have things to do, like wake up one morning next to me? I kid, but FHL for leaving.

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To #38: Yeah, how's that flirting on FML going for ya?

OK, since no one seem to have said it yet. Move to Canada the drinking age is 19 problem solved.

3 could be right, in some places legal drinking age is 18 so then 26's scenario would not work out.

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just because she got pregnant doesn't meant she was sleeeping around. because she was married I'm guess op was in a relationship. 3 -- you are so ignorant.

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108... drinking age is 18 here in Manitoba. sucks for you out in sarnia, where ever that is..

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72. So you see it too? Damn, it's pathetic that people do shit like that.

145: Sarnia is in Ontario =) Here (Ontario in general), drinking age is 19. In Quebec and Alberta it's 18, too, correct?

to 145 the reason the drinking age is 18 is cause if anyone was sober for to long they realize they live in Quebec and leave.

Takador 3

Drinking age 18, and since in PR everyone looks older than we really are it doesnt really matter. PR FTW!!!

Move to Holland! The drinking age is 16 :)

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I laughed that you said it's "not hard." you must be getting help.

ya, ur surely getting a lot of help from your family. it's a good thing tho. good luck

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Not really. Its all me and baby. No dad. I get gifts and everyone can use community resources but my income (even though it is low) is too high for any community resource. The dad left a month after he found out and I have motivation and confidence in myself that i don't need him. Anyone can do it.

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I mean, I'm getting gifts (hand-me-downs) but that's all. I'm gonna be paying for everything out of the little money I make. However, I am saving money while baby boy is still inside my belly. Child care and living in California SUCKS. Lol.

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Not everyone can do it. If you're able to, more power to you. Things are not the same once the baby comes. I hope you have a supportive family that will help while you continue your education/career etc... Babies change your life completely. It's foolish to think it's not hard because you haven't seen it all yet. But I do love your self confidence.(:

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I get what you're saying but everyone in my circle of people I know have kids and their life isn't so bad. You're right, it is difficult but anyone can do it. Marriages sink all the time but when there's kids involved, you just need to have faith in yourself if the other won't be around. But thanks!

So, you are paying about $8,000 (an uncomplicated birth), paying tuition, ans working full time, huh? So what kind of job do you have? It has healthcare benefits? Or, are the taxpayers of California actually paying for your poor life choices? Just a few simple and fair questions.

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Hahaha. You obviously don't know what you're talking about. I get financial aid and have student loans. Community colleges are an easy way to save $$ for school. My job doesn't have healthcare for me but I PAY for it through insurance companies. Its an office job as a school rep. Stupid judgments.

hugskissesSD 0

Technically, if I'm working, I'm a taxpayer too but I don't qualify for Medi-Cal. I make enough money for a single person but not a family. I save my money for him and only spend $300 on myself a MONTH which is gas and food. My life is NOT pathetic, everything happens for a reason in life.

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I have the support of those who care and love me, that doesn't mean they pay for my stuff and that its not on me. The marriage was supposed to last and we tried, things just don't work out but you live and learn. My baby is something I will NEVER be ashamed of. I'm making a better life for me & him.

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Getting as much help as you can is good. I work and go to school. At least I'm doing something. A lot of people just stay on welfare and stuff. I love my life. Everything is happening greatly for me. If you think my life is pathetic, you're very mistaken. Haha.

@hugskissesSD, nobody said your life is pathetic. $300 a month in expenses is nothing. Wait until the baby comes. It also brings up a question of rent. It doesn't sound like you are paying any rent. Who pays your rent? So, you ARE getting some help. The bottom line here is not that anyone wants to bash you for your life choices or your life style. The bottom line is that you come across as being very opinionated about what others' capabilities and situations are and assuming that it's the same as yours. You haven't raised your child yet. You don't know what it's like to be a single mother. It is VERY hard to be a single mother without a support system. You claim you don't have a support system. Yet it doesn't sound like you fully support yourself. I live in CA and know that $300 won't get you through the month unless you are getting help. Your only opinion about what it's going to be like once the baby comes is from you observing others. You have not gone through it yourself yet. You are making a whole lot of unsupported claims and assumptions here. All above aside, I really wish you luck and hope you and your baby will make it just fine.

@hugskissesSD, nobody is saying you should be ashamed of your baby. People are just pointing out that making it as a single mother completely on your own is not easy.

hugskissesSD 0

My mom is a single mother and has a Masters degree. And yes, if you read the other comment, he/she says "pathetic." And $300 is what I'm spending BECAUSE I'm saving every other dollar I make to prepare for him.

hugskissesSD 0

I never said it was easy but it's not impossible.

It may not be hard for u, but everyone is different. Have empathy for someone who is in your position. Although it is important to make the best of situations, it is harder for some than others. I am sure it wasn't always easy for you. Kudos on all you have accomplished though. =]

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Here's another episode of Teen Mom! Stay tuned!

hugskissesSD 0

Teen Mom is a joke. I tried watching an episode and was turned off. Whoever puts their kids in any position of tv like THAT is a joke. Dads don't always want to be around. I would love my sons dad to be there but I'm not going to force him. And thank you, I try my best to stay motivated and he's it.

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Stop ranting about your life. Your 'I'm-so-*******-amazing-because-I-can-support-a-child-and-myself-by-myself act' is shit.

I hope you do realize that most 19 yr olds are partying and enjoying life without a baby? you're just starting life yourself, do you really believe you can bring another life into this world without help? You obviously don't need a confidence boost, you need a reality check.

hugskissesSD 0

Reality check? So, partying and getting drunk or high all the time is a good thing? Really? Whoever thinks that is immature as well. Most 19 year old's want to be considered adults, right? Then they should act like it if they want to be considered that. Partying and getting wasted all the time is not adult-like, it's still child-like. But everyone has their own lifestyle. I chose to marry my ex husband, like OP chose to marry hers but shit happens all the time. There are many couples who are together for 20+ years and divorce. And BTW, I never said I'm amazing, I'm saying that anyone can do it. I'm guessing your a pessimist then. I like to live my life as if the outcome will always be good, whether what happens before the outcome isn't the greatest.

#142 I ******* love you. I want the five minutes I wasted reading this shit back. SD, get over yourself. You didn't need to brag, you could have simply ended your point fifteen replies ago. It would have saved us, and your unborn child, the agony.

hugskissesSD 0

It was your decision to read it, no one forced you to. There are other comments. Don't blame others for your choices.

and getting pregnant at 19 is real mature? I hope when I'm 19 i'll be enjoying my life without another responsibility. and you know what? sometimes keeping some child-likeness is a good thing.

you should give up your baby. No offense. but I know you're going to ruin both you life, and his. You ARE getting help and you Sony have enough life experience to be a parent. And from the looks of your I-have-to-defend-myself-because-I-want-to-show-FML-what-kind-of-parent-I-can-be-act you don't have the intelligence to actually understand the life of single mothers. Bachelors or not, you're obviously not street smart. And from the looks of your age, your bachelors is probably an easy one which my prove to be useless in the end since everyone is pursuing post-education. No, I am not pessimistic, I am just realistic. :) cheers~~

sp mistakes because I'm on my iPod *

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wait...the childs not born yet. so in all honesty. u have NO idea what ur talking about.

107@hugskisses, Actually in #7 you clearly said, "It's NOT hard". And the opposite of hard is...easy. So ya, you did actually say it's easy. Which is why everyone is questioning you and your life situation in order to think why on earth, being in the situation you're in like the op, you would say it's not hard. Just to correct you on that and let you know why so many people are questioning what your life is like. And best of luck to you!!

A bit late, but are you aware of the fact that Farrah hasn't shown us the father of her baby Sophia, season 1? Or that girl who chose to change the last name of her baby, season 2, because the dad turned out to be an asshole? I guess you saw only 2 episodes which happened to be a happy ever after. ;)

Ignore all the negative comments, you are an inspiration to teen mums (although I'm not a mum myself.) =]

the reason u don't think it's hard Is bcuz ur baby ain't here yet hun. I was 17 when I had my daughter and it was just me and my boyfriend takin care of her and it was hard. even tho we both had decent jobs. once ur child is here, everything will be all different!! good ups by the way for tryna do it on ur own!

You are a dumb, deluded, lying bitch. The taxpayers are carrying the burden of you and you are getting a second rate education if you work 40 hrs a week and go to school full time and care for a baby. F*cking poser--glad I don't know you and have to listen to your bullsh*t in RT.

How the hell can you have almost gotten a 4 year degree at 19? You'd think a child genius would have been smart enough to use a rubber.

how much are we ( taxpayers) making your life easier? use a ******* rubber.

You may not be "pathetic," but obviously there were some bad choices along the road, which sucks, but you'll get better (eventually/hopefully).

205 it's possible. I was done with high school at age 16.

you may not have said it's easy but you said it's not hard. I'm not gonna try to say anything to change your mind about that, the first couple weeks after giving birth will change your mind for you, it's a completly different situation once you have a baby not just a pregnancy

yeah rich people but you can only give your child a shit life

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178 sophia's daddy died in a car crash before she was born.. :/

you don't deserve anything you dumb ****

latingringa 3

you can't say "it's not that hard until you actually have the baby" it mat be easy for you but babies change everything

breeann 0

why are you calling her a ****? you don't know her or the choices she made in her life. **** off ass hole.

DanielleCubealo 0

YDI for making immature mistakes before you're 21.

When else are you going to make immature mistakes?

juliaaalove 8

I agree with #16, typically you make mistakes and bad decisions before you reach 25.. not saying that op's child is a mistake

Agreed 8 i was completely responsible and mature till i hit drinking age then i got smammared and punched a cop cause pff i can drink screw maturity.

You've judged yourself before you've had a chance to prove that you can do anything. Yes, you might have been divorced and pregnant before you can drink, but that doesn't mean you can't do something with your life from there. If this is how you brand yourself, this is how other people will judge you, if you go out and do something constructive then people are less likely to remember this and judge you for that else you do.

"people are less likely to remember this" are you serious? lmao how in the world are people going to forget 'this'? she carries a baby around and that is like a cue to remember her marriage and divorce... I'm just saying

Draminicaus 0

147- So, you would completely overlook the fact that she raised a child as a single mother for the sole reason being that she's under the drinking age? I've seen 17 year-old teenagers that can make more rational and mature decisions than some 40 year-olds.

'Chaos - Sorry, I'm just an optimistic person. :P P_to_the_AM - My point was that if she doesn't do anything about her life, then people are guaranteed to judge her entirely as 'just another teen-mum'. If she makes something of her life, there is a higher chance people will know her for what she managed despite early mistakes. Yeah, it'll never truly go away, but it might not be the first thing that people remember her for if she does other stuff with her life. Or she might be able to turn it into a good thing. Draminicaus - Exactly. Everyone is different and everyone manages different things with their lives and I don't think they should be judged for a mistake if they cope with it well.

I was SO confused before I read the comments, then look at where OP is from. Fuhohohoho... you have no one to blame but yourself, darling.

most likely. hopefully he isnt gonna just abandon their kid. if he is then he deserves it.