By barista - 05/12/2010 17:36 - United States

Today, a customer tried to pay for a $1.55 cup of coffee with a gift card, but he came up a dollar short. He let another customer through while he fumbled in his pocket for money. I later noticed a dollar had disappeared from my tip jar. FML
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It's not an FML because it's a dollar people. It's an FML because some inconsiderate asshole was too lazy to pull out a dollar, and stole a dollar out of OP's tip jar. The fact that they would steal from someones earnings to pay for a $1.55 cup of coffee, is the FML.

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YAAAAAAY I'm high up in the page! And how do you know it was the customer? And do you count your tip money every time a customer goes and leaves?

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what if he couldn't afford the coffee? I feel bad for the guy, maybe actually thought the giftcatd had more than two dollars on it

I agree. If i didnt have a dollar to give, I'd rather quietly take one than have to ask for it... I would've came in the next day and payed him back plus extra though.

where in the he'll can I buy a $1.55 cup of coffee??

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Well, maybe it's just me that wouldn't check every second

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People who live off tips care :< However people working in coffee shops usually get wage pay plus tips, so meh. Still sucks.

*Insert follow-up joke because I am incapable of making one so here I am with insertions*

I'm sure all your waiters who make less than minimum wage appreciate your generosity.

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I tip waiters but not coffee counter staff. people don't tip at mcdonalds. why the need with people serving coffee?

Because what else are rich, pretentious hipsters going to do with their money?