By Anonymous - 16/09/2009 02:27 - United States

Today, I realized my job is so boring that I spend most of my time trying to take a dump than actually working. FML
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Shitty job, eh?

your bored and the first thing you do to kill time is take a dump?


wow that is a lot of toilet time. haha. what do you work as?

ydi_bitch 0

Toilet Clogger


Porta-Potty Cleaner :D

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Burger King worker!!

no one said working is supposed to be fun . YDI for not going to college and choose a career that interests you

Kylias 6

#13, #14, #21; You are my favorite. :D

You think you have it bad? Pooing is the most exciting part of almost every day for me.

CDS09 0

if you dont like it quite, if you want the money stop complaining....sorry but not every job is great....its more like an F my employers life "today I found out I have been paying a worker to take extremely long dumps since she thinks the job is boring but won't quit"

#13, I love you.

Shitty job, eh?

Lol my thoughts exactly :D #2 ftw ____________________________

wtf...did you actually type (or copy and paste) you myspace signature every time you comment??

your bored and the first thing you do to kill time is take a dump?

brendiz 0

LOL the real FML here is FYL for being so damn constipated!

This wouldn't be the case if she took her Benefiber tablets after every meal.

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If it takes you 8 hours to take a dump, you have bigger things to worry about than having a boring job.

my thoughts exactly

is it illegal for girls to take dumps??

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I'm about to go break the law right now Damn that illegal mexican meat!

Dont hold back

What... the... fuck...?

moonlight_daze 8

Wait.. What? It seems like you could get fired for that..

i work with 4 guys that do that......i think its funny when they tell me what they are gunna do for the next 15 mins lol

Wow. I like poop. It's kinda like fart.. :)