By Anonymous - 24/10/2013 21:26 - Canada - Calgary

Today, I realized I have erectile dysfunction while drunk, and premature ejaculation while sober. FML
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I don't know if mixing Viagra with alcohol is a good idea.


I don't know if mixing Viagra with alcohol is a good idea.

What are you talkin bout? Alcohol makes pills work better!

you make it sound like alcohol would mix poorly with drugs or something...

JMichael 25

I think most doctors would advise against that.

I would highly suggest against that or else ED. Will just get worse. My friend who really had top problem with getting it up, decided to take a Viagra for fun he can't get it up without taking some kind of Viagra pill. He was only 20 when he did that also..

That is a really bad idea. Taking Viagra ***** up your ****. It makes it less sensitive and the more you use it the higher chance you will have to use it every single time.

But the alcohol would make you need to piss and the Viagra won't let you do it.

Meet yourself halfway... just a little buzz should do it.

Don't guys who have that problem just jack off before sex, then they last longer? Just saying, OP, maybe try that.

Zimmington 21

92- Jacking off could work but if he cums fast then maybe he's one of those guys that can just cum once.

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alcohol causes impotence so that part is normal

Wizardo 33

Embarrassing as it may be ho to a clinic for help, the faster the better in this case.

olpally 32

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nyellow 6

Mista dowan says eat some chicken or else da snake ain't gone be in here(da pussy).

Either I'm missing something here, or you're high. I can't decide if this is a movie reference or what.

nyellow 6

Cmon y'all don't give me tums down. Y'all racist

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This repeat isn't thumbed down cause it has a vag

Every time a guy repeats something and doesn't get thumbed down, it's now your obligation to say its because they have a penis.

#58. You clearly have not experimented much.

xXxGraveStonexXx 20

Viagra will just **** up his dick and he would always have to take Viagra to get it up... So no.

erectile dysfunction can be common in men when drunk, its due to the alcohol in the system thinning the blood, sometimes referred to as "brewer's droop"

Makes sense. What doesn't add up is some men get hella horny when drunk. Then they can't get it up? That's just cruel.

TheDrifter 23

Nature's own little inside joke.

#13 called it "brewer's droop" but it's also commonly known as "whiskey dick." Keep drunk water by the bed and take some time and learn your way around foreplay to buy yourself some time and still please her when you've drank too much. The ladies will thank you for it.