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Today, I woke up and felt that my arm was sore. I got so drunk last night, I got an unprofessional tattoo of a penis. FML
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ydi for getting that drunk and being an idiot

Because a proff tattoo would be better?


ydi for getting that drunk and being an idiot

lol i know, right? still, not as bad as that woman who got jedward's faces tattooed on her ass... while sober.

Jedward = John & Edward Grimes, ex-contestants in the X Factor, which Joe McElderry went on to win.

Heavy drinking! Do dumb shit, become the butt of every joke!

at least it's "unprofessional" If it doesn't look like a penis say it's a... cat or something lol

rockon4life 2

I thought you couldn't get tattoos done when drunk of high or was that just a rumor I heard?

94- Well I don't think you can but, because it was unprofessional it doesn't matter... I think.

Because a proff tattoo would be better?

Most pros wouldn't do a tattoo when you are drunk.

Yeah. When I got mine, they made me sign a consent form stating that I had not consumed any alcohol or any other intoxicating substances before they'd even touch me. OP, sucks to be you. Though I'd like to know what made you pick THAT, of all images...

Wow, your comment was really unnecessary because #7 was responding to a comment made by #3 asking if a professional tattoo would have been better. They may not have quite understood the fact that #3 was being kind of sarcastic in their statement (or they may have, who knows) but there was still no need for condescending attitude.

caticaticati 3

The reason number 7 said that was probably to offer a reason why the OP stated that the tattoo was unprofessional, so that she didn't get bombarded with comments about how it's fake because professionals won't give tattoos to drunks.

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ummm. ydi big time. get to an aa meeting or something... but, what does it do when you wiggle your arm?

Does scratching your hand feel better now?

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Some people are idiots. Some people can't handle their liquor. Are you A and/or B?