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  Lia_Mackenzie  |  4

Yeah. When I got mine, they made me sign a consent form stating that I had not consumed any alcohol or any other intoxicating substances before they'd even touch me.

OP, sucks to be you. Though I'd like to know what made you pick THAT, of all images...

  ChibiChibi_fml  |  27

Wow, your comment was really unnecessary because #7 was responding to a comment made by #3 asking if a professional tattoo would have been better. They may not have quite understood the fact that #3 was being kind of sarcastic in their statement (or they may have, who knows) but there was still no need for condescending attitude.

  caticaticati  |  3

The reason number 7 said that was probably to offer a reason why the OP stated that the tattoo was unprofessional, so that she didn't get bombarded with comments about how it's fake because professionals won't give tattoos to drunks.