By shelby - 30/03/2011 04:54 - United States

Today, I realized I don't know which is sadder: the fact I have detailed conversations with myself in my car, or that I bought a Bluetooth earpiece so that I can do it in public without people thinking I'm a complete lunatic. FML
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this is the saddest tale I've heard on this site

amburger7345 3

it's sadder that you bought a Bluetooth, and also that you feel talking to yourself is not normal. most people talk to themselves.


this is the saddest tale I've heard on this site

I guess it's twice as sad she's not the only one who does it. FML.

It isn't sad, sometimes talking to yourself is the only way to carry on and intelligent conversation.

BahahahLOL 0

I do that too. I even say "Let's ____" sometimes. GAWSH IM A LOSER.

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I'm guessing number 2 is sadder because I'm sure everyone talks to themselves at least sometimes! I do it too! And apparently 80% of the words you say in a day are words you say to yourself.

same here. Although some people like KaySL talk to themselves ON FML!!!!! =D

I talk to myself loads. but only when I'm alone in my room or have a free house. it's kind of soothing in a weird way, cause you are the only person who will ever understand truly how you feel, and what you're thinking. It kind of helps to just say words out loud that you're thinking. But yeah, I talk to myself.

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yeah that's what I keep telling myself lol

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Definitely the bluetooth ear piece. And since you're asking you're why? It's because this way you're only encouraging your situation.

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18-And 78% of statistics are made up on the spot.

It's true KaySL I've seen you do it. you had a conversation back and forth with yourself. =D

wow that's pathetic. OP needs a friend.

I talk to myself all the time, I don't know about conversations though..

It's normal to talk to your self. And fun.

I talk to myself when I'm so pissed off and I'm the only one who really understands....

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I like to wave my arms in the air. So I got VR goggles.

I talk to myself all the time..even in public. half the time its better than talking to anyone else. it even helps me make decisions better

I talk to my self quite a bit but if he bought a bluetooth to do it all the time maybe op needs professional help or he's a genius and we don't no what were missing.

If you talk to yourself in public, mess up your hair a little bit and wear dirty clothes. People will think you're crazy and give you their spare change!

yess it is but this guys seems rettarded

it's ok to talk to yourself, and it's smarter to buy a Bluetooth, so people won't think your a freak

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Yeah I do, too, not in conversations, but when I'm going over thoughts or thinking really hard

lol...i do it, it's fun but the Bluetooth tho? really?...umm that's new...I guess...

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me: maybe I should post a comment.?. Me: nah it's lame. me: this guy doesn't seem that far out. Me: dude he bought a ******* blue tooth so he can pretend he's talking to someone!!!!!!!!!! me: haha good point Me: #1 looks like an odd duck wonder what his malfunction is me: #9 is hot tho me: she seems smart me: I'd hit that Me: man shut up go back to work

wow I totally thought I was the only one. my family makes fun of me for it all the time but it just helps me think through things better

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violetsweety 26

It's also normal for ur best friend to sleep with your mom!

only if ur trying to work something out

I talk to myself when I'm plotting evil plans to take over the world.

Normal to talk to yourself, yes. If you start answering yourself, though, you should probably seek a professional or an asylum.

amburger7345 3

it's sadder that you bought a Bluetooth, and also that you feel talking to yourself is not normal. most people talk to themselves.

Hisbabyforever 0

I like your username amburger.... did you get that from the pink panther movie with Steve martin in it? if not, you should watch that it's soooo funny

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hisbabyforever, i//ve never heard anyone in a comment telling someone else to watch a movie..

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I don't think that's sad. I think it's cool! And clever!

The funny part is , I'm playing my little violin as I write this

BellaGoBoom 6

Ok. Now what's the funny part?

shakeTHEworld 12

I think the funny part was the expression 'playing the smallest violin' or something along that line. i don't know, i heard it in spongebob once.

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I talk to myself all the time :D. I ever argue with myself... And lose....

ynghzze 0

you argue with urself and loose ?

bitheway 2

I argue w/ myself and even after I win I keep goin cause I love to argue

oh ya. me too...the bitch just never shuts up, always trying to prove a point while I'm just trying to get it done.... Because we have to see the pros and cons of things before they get done so we can see how to go about it.... Tho sometimes it doesn't matter, it's just a matter of doing it..... But if you do it without thinking it throughly it's not going to get done right so why do it at all.... See?? Always trying to prove a point..

wait what? you lose an argument to urself

haha when I was little I had an invisible friend Gary.. I think it is normal to talk to urself or think aloud, it's ok OP haha

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sounds like something I would to lol

that's so clever. I wish I had thought of that

Actually, I think it's a great idea. I also have very detailed conversations with myself, and sometimes I don't realise I'm talking in public. With your idea I could always keep talking! Yes!