By ash203 - United States

Not cool

  Today, my friend and I got really drunk at the holiday staff party. When I went to work afterwards, everyone gave me the death stare. Apparently, I got so drunk that I flashed my boss's 13-year-old son. FML
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  popoman  |  0

I'm sure she's going to get fired, and even if she doesn't, she deserves to lose her job. Just because it's a "party" doesn't mean that it's not an office gathering; there are certain guidelines that people should not cross. Alcohol is NOT an excuse. Get drunk and retarded on your own time.

  TooBored13  |  0

Ya, their especially judgmental when you sexually harass their children. haha. But ya, YDI for getting drunk at a work event. That is a seriously newb fail.

  Subtext  |  10

Meh. Usually all these judgemental people who claim to do everything right (~90% of the posters here) piss me off seriously but this time I have to agree....
...but at least that's a good example on why one shouldn't get drunk at work events :D

  perstephane  |  4

I'm assuming that you're a woman, and if that's the case, you're damn lucky. If you were a man and got so drunk you flashed someone's 13 year old daughter, you'd have been arrested.

By  cthulhu1138  |  1

It's this kind of stupidity that gets alcohol banned from places. Know your limits and learn to recognize situations where excessive drunkenness is inappropriate. If people were more savvy about alcohol use, drinking at work and in public wouldn't be banned as it is now.

  wienerwagon  |  0

Hey Cupffin, I've been drinking quite a bit tonight and I haven't shown my cock to any preteens. Do you get the irresistible urge to flash your junk at little kids whenever you drink? I'm not sure why you think the OP should have expected this sort of consequence.