By nicoreal89 - 25/11/2011 08:20 - United States

Today, at the Black Friday Sale, a fully grown man hit my 5 year old daughter for an Xbox. In anger, I punched the guy and gave him a bloody nose. I'm now banned from Best Buy, and my daughter has a concussion. FML
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what a badass . at least you avenged your kid .

At least you tried to defend your daughter.


xoconnie 8

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Hmm, yes, leave a five year old alone at home where she can run into the sharp corner of a furniture or turn open the gas on the stove or answer the door to strangers. Yes, that is what op should have done. Smh.

xosportsgirl14x 8

53- I'm pretty sure there's this thing called siblings. Or multiple parents.

53-- There's also this thing called being an only child, or having divorced or single parents; as well as having a deceased parent. It's not that uncommon, especially with the whole 50% divorce rate and whatnot. There are a lot of other reasons why there may not be a capable parent to look after them.

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MyPupRox 2

Today, I bitch slapped a five year old to get my grubby hands on the last Xbox in Best Buy. I ended up with a bloody nose. FML.

blackheart24 10

I don't get how a grown man could hit a little girl and get away with it? If that was my dad, that man wouldn't live to see his new xbox.

Guys seriously? OP isn't the bad guy here. His 5 year old got punched in the face! Yeah maybe it wasn't the greatest idea, but there was obviously a reason he brought her. I hope she's okay. Get the police involved.

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You just punched him in the face? I would've killed him dude no one punches a child in the face no matter what the reason.

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xosportsgirl14x 8

79- no crap. My parents were never married. I'm just saying, the person I replied to was being ridiculous

Llama_Face89 33

154- if a dude punched my daughter he'd be getting a lot worse than a bloody nose. For a concussion he'd be lucky to avoid a body bad... You don't hit children...ESPECIALLY for such a stupid reason.

163 - The earliest we're going to see the next generation of consoles is Christmas 2012. That's just over a year from now, which is a long time if you don't have an alternative console/a decent PC. Christmas 2012 isn't even guaranteed, it could be anything up to ~2015.

101 I agree! Seriously people get carried away for these sales. But badass for. Op to punch the guy in the face. Not badass for bringing a five year old girl to such a chaotic event though.

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xoconnie 8

53- its 4am... i think she would be sleeping. if not, then i dunno. but still!!! come on dude.. taking a 5 year old black friday shopping. not too bright.

Did you see Chuck or Morgan? Was Jeffster there?

Susieee_Q 9

I respect OP for standing up for his daughter, but I don't respect him for bringing her in the first place. You know there's such a thing as BASYSITTERS. You know, people you PAY to take care of your five year old while you're out fist fighting some people for some "savings." You don't have to have multiple parents or siblings. There's people that will gladly do it for some pay. If you can afford to go to Best Buy on Black Friday, you can afford to pay a babysitter. OR, don't go! Stay with your daughter at home. I don't think you're a bad parent, OP. I just hope that 1) your daughter is okay, 2) that you learn your lesson and not bring your daughter to Black Friday again, and 3) that karma catches up to the douche who punched a little girl for a stupid x-box.

Very true. Nobody should hit a child because of shopping. **** Black Friday. It brings out the worst in people.

Randuhh_17 4

Umm, I went black Friday shopping, and people were sitting their small children on items to save them. I don't know if that's the case for Op, but still don't bring a 5yr old to that. For one, it's hectic for an adult, so I could imagine for a kid. Second, it's freaking 2 in the morning, your child should be at home sleeping. And you put your child in risk to get badly hurt..she couldve been trampled! If you don't have a babysitter, or family to watch your kid...don't go. Simple. Good job standing up for your kid, but you put your kid in that situation.

Amen to that! I drove by and laughed at the people waiting in line for hours to buy things they don't need and don't even have money for!

SystemofaBlink41 27

I would've taken the Xbox and beat the shit out of him with it...

Materialistic morons who cannot control themselves, very sad that a child had to get hurt over an xbox.

blackheart24 10

Everyone is asking why OP couldn't just leave his/her daughter home, but I don't think they should have to bring their five year old and worry about a grown man punching her in the face. I mean honestly, this is the first time I have ever even heard of a person with the audacity to hit a kid, let alone one that's not their own. I'm not trying to justify the fact that Black Friday isn't a place for kids, but you shouldn't have to worry about your kid getting punched in the face? That's just not something you hear about ya know? And I bet the guy who did it was probably 150 pounds overweight, wearing a stained World of Warcraft t-shirt, living in his parents basement, and he was probably subscribed to every magazine/game related invention out there. That xbox was probably the highlight of his life.

Reyo 2

bloody nose? Woulda broke his arm.

Llama_Face89 33

410- A very small percentage of WoW players fit your description. >_

evilteddybear 0

At least it wasn't pepper spray... Srry op

sasquatchman12 0

You are retarded. So you would watch your own daughter get hit in the face and not do anything!!???

They got cyber monday now so u can stay at home warm an comfy in ur pjs while you get all the good stuff. Ex: employee: 'everyone in line for electronocics' You: 'yes im finally next can I get the new 6g tablet in white?' Employee: 'oh looks like we just ran out, this year people are buying them online' You: 'wtf since when???, and I brought my kids :'(, my back hurts, wer hungry, cranky, I came here FOR NOTHING?, WTF THATS NOT RIGHT THIS IS ALL WE CAME HERE FOR, FOR YOUR DUMBASSES TO JUST TELL ME THAT SOME FUCKFACE ONLINE BEAT ME TO IT THANKS YOU ******* BITCHES!!!! I WANT MY TIME, GAS AND MONEY BACK **** YOU!!!! IM NEVER COMING BACK!!! IMMA GO PSYCO AND DROP ALL U FOOLS!!ARGGGHH!!!' Employee: 'sir calm down' You: 'NO YOU CALM THA **** DOWN ASS FACE IM GUNA GET MY ******* TABLET ONE WAY OR ANOTHER' KIDS: 'DADA IM HUNGRY' YOU: 'OK SWEETIE, Ill GET YOU NEXT TIME *****' (gives middle finger)

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what a badass . at least you avenged your kid .

Ferretface 13

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I was of the understanding avenged simply meant to get revenge for someone else... No one has to be dead?

Ferretface 13

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and defended generally means you stopped them from being hurt... and that definitely didn't happen. I'm going with avenged here.

kalabunga 0

hahaha I can see it now *the kid gets hit* then screams out AVENGE ME!!...Op hits the guy. I love my imagination :)

I know right, most people would have said something like "she got a concussion and I was too scared to hit him", no dude you are a legend and what you did was right for defending her.

NikkiFlysKites 8

The definition of avenged: Inflict such harm on behalf of (oneself or someone else previously wronged or harmed). So, OP avenged their daughter.

#226 Well what did you expect he is a badass texan republican. Go republicans!!!!

I think 95 and 81 have been playing to much video games...

At least you tried to defend your daughter.

Im going to the states right now for black friday, the border lineup is gonna be huge

XenaWP 6

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Sorry, but violence is the answer when some asshole hits your five year old daughter.

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HungerGames95 13

what asshole hits a 5 year old?! "Violence isn't the answer." In this case it is!

-162 some asshole punched his kid. i would also kick his ass if i were him.

sinking_fish 12

162- Says the guy/girl with Xena the WARRIOR Princess as their profile picture...

YEAH! Violence is never the answer! It's the question!! Yes is the answer ...

162, I only thumbed you down because your ID/profile is ridiculous.

Llama_Face89 33

145- Burrows is an annoying little man child. **** the Canucks. That is all.

loveanthony645 5

I think he did what any parent would if that happened to their child. In no way does he deserve being banned, the man who hit his daughter should be, however.

colorfullyemo 4

I think I would rather pay full price online, then go out on black friday & risk my little girl's health.

Its not like OP knew her daughter was going to be hit. Nowadays there is too much online things, maybe OP wanted to spend time with her daughter.

Actually, nevermind. hahah now reading other comments i realize that black friday crowds are horrible. Sorry ! haha i'm canadian so i wouldn't know.

Correct me if i'm wrong, But Isn't that what 'cyber Monday' or whatever it's called is for? Black Friday prices online, but on another day? It was pretty stupid to take a little kid to a black Friday sale, though....

sickjairo 7

That's why you don't take your children to hectic sales like that.

I'm getting tired of the "YDI for taking your kid to a black friday sale" comments. While it might be true that it's unsafe, OP shouldn't have to worry about a full grown man hitting their daughter for an Xbox. Black Friday does not mean you suddenly have a license to kill. And as someone who used to work in retail, I can tell you how god damn pointless it is as well. Trick of the trade, mark up prices the month of october, and by the time black Friday rolls around they get marked back down to the original price to make it seem as though it's on sale. People are ridiculously easily suckered into "saving money".

Most deff!!!note to self never take daughter to black Friday. I guess hints the name black

killer6969 16

Bro wtf Gtfo racist bastard #451

#4, this is one of those instances where the difference between "then" and "than" is important...


I think it depends on where you live. People in the king of Prussia mall area have been pretty tame

i was at the doorbusters at 10 at walmart .... savages . people kept hittin me with the pictures frames and a guy knocked me on thefloor for an xbox ):

DrOfTheInternet 6

105-some people like to have fun

"Ain't no stupid-ass infant gonna stop me from playing Skyrim!"

If you shop on black Friday at least bring shoulder pads and a helmet.

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KiddNYC1O 20

6 people should have the decency to not hurt a 6 year old. I guess I expect too much out of humanity though.

216- ideally, yes. But the Black Friday shoppers have set a precedence for being insane, selfish, and dangerous. The OP had to have been aware of the risk in bringing a small child to that madness. Regardless, hitting a 5-year-old is inappropriate, and the OP doesn't deserve that.

juturnaamo 29

Is it that bad some places? I've worked 2 black Fridays and never saw a fight, and I went today to one. I didn't so much as have a little toe stepped on. Lots of kids there, all behaving, none getting punched.

that's what I'm thinking... I've never seen somebody that crazy on black Friday.

Bullheard 0

how was she suppost to know that a Full Grown Man was going to hit a Five Year Old Kid?!??!!!!!!!!

235 here in chicago a couple of years ago a man was killled while opening the doors to the store in the mall. He was stampeded.

I dont understand why people get thay crazy... ive never gone when the doors open but my friends have and nothing happened to them...

mom2pen 4

Why'd you have your 5 year old with you with the crazies on Black Friday???

I'm not from the crazy States, what does black friday mean??

isminei 6

It's a major sale, where almost all major companies go "into the black" and start making profit.

I'm sorry, "start making profit"? That makes no sense whatsoever. All major companies are making huge profits all the time, or they wouldn't be major companies. Saying they "go into the black" implies that they were previously in the red, and if that were the case, they'd go out of business, not have a sale once a year to make a profit for one day.

Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, is the beginning of the holiday shopping season, and I think it gets crazier every year. Now, maybe it hasn't been crazy where OP lives, so he thought he could bring his kid without incident. Maybe there was nobody else to watch the kid. Even if he maybe shouldn't have brought the kid, that does not give anyone the right to hit someone else's child hard enough to give her a concussion over a freaking Xbox. Jeez Louise!

golfluva 0

Cough cough cough dumbass cough cough cough

I hate how I look back and it says that my comment wasn't added and then I retype it and then I look like an idiot because I posted the same thing twice

Btw idc if you call me a dumbass cuz I already know

I would never hire any of you to be my lawyers. I do however have a spot for anyone as a low-paid construction worker in siberia. -Grape

You already know that you're a dumb ass?

Everyone knows what I ment so just stop being smart alecs. Happy late thanksgiving :)

Cough cough cough stupid comment cough

true that, what kind of buttmunch hits a child over an xbox!

I know he should have beat the shit out of him. I would have done that. No one touches my kid when I have one. They'll regret it.

Glitterhinoceros 14

If that was my little girl, I would have done more than just give him a bloody nose...

Tiecho 4

Its unfortunate but fair. They probably have a zero tolerance policy on fighting

I know what you mean if that was my daughter. That man would have every bone in his body broken, and that's just to start.

DoorMatCat 3

would sueing him do any good? he punched the guy, so it doesnt help his case that this asshole hit his daughter. either way, I hope he really hurt that fxcker.

So you censor ****** but not asshole? That's odd...