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  Danger716  |  0

The only reason dogs cant have chocolate is because of the caffine. It makes smaller dogs have an increae in heart rate that is unhealthy. Large dogs have a natually slower heart rate so they can tolerate some chocolate from time to time.

  Mitas  |  1

#56 You are giving him too much credit. Although caffeine is toxic to dogs the reason chocolate can kill dogs is because it contains theobromine. Theobromine has a higher concentration in darker chocolates.

  Okayitwasme  |  0

Dumb bell! Some people need clarification! Hello!!!?!! dog almost died! Onions, raw potatoes and gum is also on that list of: do not give to dogs! Artificial sugar will kill a dog!

  demonstare7  |  5

Lucky your dogs ok? What kind of dog is it ? All the dogs we've had are labs. They handle chocolate like no other. We have a brown lab now, a few years back, he snuck in the candy room, and ate 3 pounds of chocolate. Our earlier dog, also a lab, ate chocolate ice cream and the whatnot regularly. Idk if we're just lucky, or it doesn't bother bigger dogs.

  21jason  |  9

Ahahaha thanks.. I didn't have any of my self so I used that one.. It got cut off at the top it says it's not gay as long as the balls ain't touching then it says Ohhhh fuck

  NotDave  |  0

It's not an allergy, you dumbass, you're not supposed to give dogs chocolate. Small doses won't produce any effect, and some dogs may show a higher tolerance. Please refrain from being a dumbfuck in the future.

  Jaxx66  |  21

I have never intentionally given my dog chocolate but on Easter the kids left down their large solid chocolate dove bunnies and the dog ate all four and was totally fine.

But it isn't good for them and something you shouldn't do intentionally.

  swiftangel  |  1

Chocolate is bad for both cats and dogs. Depending on the type of chocolate (semi sweet, dark, etc) depends on the severity of the reaction. It can cause illness and in some cases death. To the person above who intentionally fed their dog chocolate, go ahead and add some rat poison to your next meal you idiot and do us all a favor and rehome your poor dog with a family who actually cares about the well being of him/her!!

  WhatsOpTic  |  11

Its certain types of chocolate that can hurt a dog. No, chocolate isn't good to feed them but it may not do anything depending on what kind of chocolate

  FusionPlacebo  |  26

My aunt's dog has eaten chocolate plenty of times. They are total idiots for doing feeding it to her and I wish they'd stop. Small doses can still harm her, but she's always fine. It brings me to tears knowing that they're feeding it to her just because she WANTS to eat it. It doesn't matter, don't fucking harm your precious bundle of fur.