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By Anonymous - 12/05/2024 15:00 - United States - Anaheim

Today, my boyfriend told me that in order for me to be considered for marriage, I need to prove that I can be a subservient woman. This includes signing over the deed to my house, my car, and all my banking assets, so that he can be “the man of the house.” I make 6 figures; he rents with roommates. FML
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Hopefully, he’s your very soon to be ex-boyfriend.


Hopefully, he’s your very soon to be ex-boyfriend.

so he openly admitted to wanting to commit financial abuse on you... this is NOT salvageable. If you need to buy a husband you can definitely find a more submissive one than that. move on ASAP

If you do anything other than kick his sorry ass to the kerb, you will only have yourself to blame. To use his own words, he simply isn't husband material. Not only is he not financially in your league; his insecurity will soon get the better of him. Not only that, but my guess is that, once he has possession of your assets, he will use his new financial status to find another girlfriend. And all this while taking advantage of you in any way that he can. What I find really, really funny is that he wants to feel like the 'man of the house' but he has no problem with the fact that you are the one who earned all those assets and that he essentially stole them from you. He would rather con you out of your hard earned assets than to rise to the challenge and earn his own. Not only that, but the resentment of having lost all your assets to him will soon kill any romantic feelings that you currently have for him. If marriage (or a high value mate, for that matter) is what you want, he is just a waste of your time.

That's a crazy play and he knows it. Sounds like he wants you to breakup with him.

Run. Run fast. Drop him like the little boy he is.