Professor Awkward

By Derpina - 21/12/2011 15:33 - United States

Today, a student came in late to class, and there were only a couple of seats available. I waved her over offering her the seat beside me with the quip, "It's OK, you can sit by me. I don't smell or anything." I realized after she sat down that she actually did. FML
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flockz 19

"oh i'm sorry! that seat is actually reserved for someone who doesn't smell like ass. i see a seat in the back corner perfect for you."

Yes, I know what it's like to smell horrible. She could either not use deoderant or have what I have, hyper hydrosis. With it you sweat no matter WHAT, even with clinical strength deods, pills, powders, everything. Even the surgery to suck out the extra sweat glands rarely works. Teens who go through it like me have a horrible time.


hubla 0

Have fun being moderated asshole

#1, no Good Deed goes Unpunished...this punishment was immediate. #2, It's possible the girl WASN'T nice. She could've been very nice, or very mean. How do you know? Apparently, everyone who is hot is a massive bitch and everyone who is "ugly" (as in the beholder's eye) or "weird" is the best person to meet in the world for their personality. I just don't get it O_o it goes both ways.

Well, at least you tried, better luck next time!

It's so tough being nice to people when you don't know how their going to end up fucking you

eyeIoveyou 4

"It's like being nice to the weird kid. Then BAM, stalked for life."

InvisibleMonster_fml 16

#67 Exactly!

Be like "don't you love showers? "

...what did she eat?

Spoiled hamburger meat with just a touch of skunk musk, wrapped in boiled cabbage leaves, then burnt to a delicate black color with the consistency of peeling skin.

SpeshulK 0

Sounds like the favorite meal of the smelly kid in my bio class. I witnessed him eat his own dandruff and acne on more than one occasion...

koolkat27 13

it's like the guy who sits next to me in algebra, he picks off his scabs then eats them. *shivers*

KiddNYC1O 20

Sharp cheddar cheese.

Benelli_SkM 0

Horse shit.????

some roast beef, a chicken, a pizza.

It's only one class, not that bad.

Use some febreze

Then it smell like shit and febreeze that stuff is a joke.

Really? Frebreeze always worked for me!

35- what scent are you trying to cover up?! Febreeze works like a fucking champ!

Maybe 35 was trying to cover up their smell of ass and failed

Adding insult to injury!

flockz 19

"oh i'm sorry! that seat is actually reserved for someone who doesn't smell like ass. i see a seat in the back corner perfect for you."

"actually, turn right out of this classroom and on your left, you will find a bathroom."

Omg I luv ur pic twilight sucks!!!!!!!

liy223 6

At least you were being nice. I'm sure she appreciated it.

boredblonde 17

I hate smelly people!

The feeling is mutu- woah that was close...

Or better yet, not only gather them up in a corner, but load up our water guns with febreze and take fire!

kickboxingchick 5

You don't personally know them. Just because they don't smell like you doesn't mean they're bad people. For all you know, you could smell just like her!