By Anonymous - 07/01/2011 23:42 - United Kingdom

Today, I went on a date for the first time in months. Over dessert, my date told a joke, and I tittered vigorously, causing me to choke and throw up all over my date. FML
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I wasn't aware you could titter vigorously.....I've heard of people working out vigorously, and arguing vigorously, but tittering? How the fuck do you manage to do that?

that teaches you to not fake you titters


damnn that sucks -__-

hehehe.... tittered

rallets 22

your titters were all over the place

DudeImBetter 0

is tittered a cooler way of saying laughed in the uk cause it sounds pretty stupid to me.

I'm from the UK and I've barely ever heard the word tittered used instead of laughed. Must be a southern thing.

it's not a southern thing.

cwhitney11 4

it's a jersey thing

35 I believe 34 was talking about the south of England not the United States. other things in the world can be southern.

brandikinz 4

56 it is not a 'jersey thing'. I have lived here my whole life and have never heard that word before. Ever. In my entire life.

cwhitney11 4

68-Americans would see the humor

iSitt 0

is it queen's English ?

DancinKat 0

It's a Jersey thing is from South Park when they made fun of the Jersy Shore.

27BronxBombers 12

titter is something similar to giggle. it's not a difficult word. some of you have a pathetic vocabulary. I'm 13 years old and I know what it means.

yep that sucks

baby610 4

yew toatally deserved it.

What are you doing, playing runescape? "yew?"( :

baby610 4

I dnt get it

I get the distinct impression that this happens a lot, 79.

alicec123 0

84- LOL!

baby610 4

no seriously I don't get it? what is "runescape"?

79-Runescape is a computer game

bet it wasn't even funny -___-

Hey teyyteyyy? I read your profile. Where u from? Detroit? The greatest city.

baby610 4

haha all racist kinda mean though.

BandddGeekkk 0

does that mean that when you go down on a person, you sometimes throw up all over them?

Lmfao!!!! ^^^ Omfg that's funny!

GuitarNukka520 5

I've never seen anyone puke from something like that. Although, I wish I had it seems like it would be a hilarious situation

LOL same here :)

GuitarNukka520 5

I imagine it being all awkward and just pure awesomeness ^_^

dude you have a huge nose

5, your shower curtain makes for a great distraction from your cliché face. just saying. nothing to do with your comment.

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Maybe he understands?

emilyxorawr 3

Don't be sad, there is always others.

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you life does suck haha

that teaches you to not fake you titters

Goodbye second date