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I wasn't aware you could titter vigorously.....I've heard of people working out vigorously, and arguing vigorously, but tittering? How the fuck do you manage to do that?


35 I believe 34 was talking about the south of England not the United States. other things in the world can be southern.


56 it is not a 'jersey thing'. I have lived here my whole life and have never heard that word before. Ever. In my entire life.


titter is something similar to giggle. it's not a difficult word. some of you have a pathetic vocabulary. I'm 13 years old and I know what it means.

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I've never seen anyone puke from something like that. Although, I wish I had it seems like it would be a hilarious situation


5, your shower curtain makes for a great distraction from your cliché face. just saying. nothing to do with your comment.

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