By jobsearching - 21/11/2012 20:43 - United Kingdom - Bristol

Today, I ran into my boss outside of work. She smiled, and started trying to have an in-depth chat with me. I wouldn't have minded, if it weren't for the fact I ran into her at a club, whilst they were having an S and M theme night. And we were both fully dressed up for it. FML
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OhDearBetrayal 25

At least now you know that you two have things other than work goals in common.

I think you should just relax and have fun.


OhDearBetrayal 25

At least now you know that you two have things other than work goals in common.

wellfuuucckme 7

Chains and whips defiantly excite op ;)

wellfuuucckme 7

@6 I don't personally think that FML is the right place to profess your love for someone but to each their own I guess....

thepersonyouknow 9

^ if u dont get that comment read 21 and 23s description

Guess who is getting a Bonus for the holiday :)

21, I thought defiantly was like a weird placed pun.

mizuki123 8

My cat is snuggling with me:) cats are purrrrfect.

I think you should just relax and have fun.

At a BONDAGE theme night? You're joking right?

Well, that's what they both showed up for. Neither of them should feel too awkward about it--it's not like one of them was dressed up like that and the other wasn't.

Yeah I don't see anything wrong here. If anything maybe he could get a raise out of this.

decidedlyvague 11

So? They might both be into women for all you know.

kultyre 7

Bondage at the workplace perhaps?

kittytub 12

I'm gagging over all the puns that are bound to happen!

flockz 19

i don't know how long we can keep this chain going.

These puns suck. I should whip you guys into shape.

Don't be so tight guys, I'm sure someone will come with a comment that will tie us all together.

It hope I don't bruise the thread by taking a crack at a pun. It can be painful to read bad ones, but it is just great to read ones that dominate the thread!

mrsquiggles6900 5

-7, when I first looked at this fml that was exactly what I was thinking, haha.

a_lenzmeier 11

Sadism and masochism, slave and master, spaghetti and meatballs, and Metallicas best album.

Were y'all dressed alike, or for opposite positions (sub and dom)? Maybe she really wanted to find out which you were.

wlddog 14

I was actually wondering the same thing. It would be ironic if his "Boss" was dressed as a "Slave" and he was dressed as a "Master".

Dicks and wongs my break my thongs but only whips excite me.

I'm going to voice my opinion and accept the thumbs down for beating up a good, popular commenter. Pleonasm I love puns, and you are great at them, however you just try too hard sometimes. And puns are good in moderation, not every fml and comnent deserves one. Yes, I specifically used the word beat earlier for the irony and possible hypocrisy.

Pleonasm, don't listen to them, your puns are amazing, even on every single FML.

I'd just like to add that I mean it with all due respect, some of the material I've seen you come up with is absolutely classic!

Pleonasm, your comments always make me chuckle, please don't stop!

There is absolutely no reason why every FML would not need puns. However, this one in particular is rather forced. Only after looking up "wong" in UrbanDictionary did I learn that it means something of a voyeur, which would obviously be appropriate here if it weren't such an obscure reference.

In response to everyone, but mostly grafeety because his is the one that brings up a few points to address: When I see an FML, I post a comment which reflects my state of mind at the time- I simply write what the FML makes me feel or think.So, this is not so much about trying too hard, because the process is spontaneous; rather that it's not something pleasing to all of you thumbing me down. I just want to say that that is fine. We can see here that there are differing opinions, and everyone is entitled to their own about my posts. Therefore I also feel entitled to post what I feel on the FMLs, just like any other regular is allowed to. (within moderation- that's an accidental pun) Whether or not it pleases people is beyond my control and people can feel free to thumb it down and move along. However, I shouldn't feel prohibited from posting what I feel just because the masses don't want me to.

Now, to everyone more specifically. Thanks for being respectful and constructive in your posts, and yes, I will take everything said into consideration. To laden swallow, wong was actually just meant to be a synonym of dick... I didn't know that wong also meant voyeurism.

*Shrug* Your comments always give me a good chuckle. And although it's hard to swallow, it's pretty much a given that the people on FML are insanely fickle - they'll hail someone as a master in one FML and rabidly whip them in the next. Have you seen some of the grammar nazis this place harbours?

Take it easy people. It's all meant to be just entertainment and fun on this site...right...??

Imagine the fun you could have tying each other up in the stationary cupboard.

Kallian_fml 21

So, you find out you and your boss have something in common and now you find it hard to talk to them?

Thats a little different in this situation when the common is bondage