Rubbing one out on the sly

By Anonymous - 05/08/2015 17:56 - United States - Camarillo

Today, I went over to talk to my boss. I must have snuck up on her because she was masturbating through her pants. She stopped and I had to chat away, pretending I didn't notice. FML
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Actually sounds like the start of a porno

xoxoblondee 31

At least she didn't continue whilst making eye contact.


xoxoblondee 31

At least she didn't continue whilst making eye contact.

Actually sounds like the start of a porno

1dvs_bstd 41

"Want me to finish you off?!"

liquifiednate 21

I would've ended that chat as quickly as possible to return to my desk and forget that ever happened.

Wow she must have a lot of time on her hands if that's what she's doing at work

She has a lot of something on her hands.

I bet you didn't see that cumming... No? Ok.

haha she didn't either since she didn't get to finish!

Sitting here waiting for ur boss to post an FML

I don't think that will happen. If she had the balls to carry on regardless, she won't be feeling any shame.

One of two possible things amazes me here: if your boss works in the same room as the staff then I'm amazed she's gotten to this position with such little respect for public decency, if she doesn't work in the same room, I'm amazed how quickly you have now learned to knock.

I definitely would have acted as if I forgot why I came over, just to get away quickly.

That's so disturbing. I'm sorry you'll have to forever remember that!

SauceySarah 30

How do you even get ********** through your pants? I mean unless your pant's material is super thin, I don't see how you would get any pleasure out of doing that.

Yeah, maybe she was just trying to scratch an itch. Then again, OP probably didn't want to know about her yeast infection either.

graceinsheepwear 33

#11, you must have missed class that day. There are many ways of doing many things effectively.

CliffyB03 28

You're not the only one. I don't know how she got off through her pants either, unless she managed to rub the right way?

Sometimes women (in this case) can have a higher level of sensitivity than what can be considered normal. Perhaps she can feel pleasure just on that factor alone. I know that because I'm also incredibly sensitive to the point of always being aware of sensations that come through, whether it be by walking, pressing on something, or hitting a bump on the road. I'm just assuming that the boss could have the same thing to deal with, which in all honesty, really sucks.

JHamm2121 15

47 now you know what men feel like, we become masters at hiding hard-ins around the age of 13.