By Anonymous - United States - Camarillo

Rubbing one out on the sly

  Today, I went over to talk to my boss. I must have snuck up on her because she was masturbating through her pants. She stopped and I had to chat away, pretending I didn't notice. FML
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By  lysx84  |  24

One of two possible things amazes me here: if your boss works in the same room as the staff then I'm amazed she's gotten to this position with such little respect for public decency, if she doesn't work in the same room, I'm amazed how quickly you have now learned to knock.

  HylianTwilight  |  21

Sometimes women (in this case) can have a higher level of sensitivity than what can be considered normal.
Perhaps she can feel pleasure just on that factor alone.
I know that because I'm also incredibly sensitive to the point of always being aware of sensations that come through, whether it be by walking, pressing on something, or hitting a bump on the road.
I'm just assuming that the boss could have the same thing to deal with, which in all honesty, really sucks.