By hahahehehohohoo - 07/02/2009 03:55 - United States

Today, my boyfriend handcuffed me to the bed, naked. Someone pulled the fire alarm, and my boyfriend couldn't find the key. So he left me, and the Resident Advisor found me. The fireman had to cut the chain. FML
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xXxRandiexXx 0

I would dump him. he just left you there!!!


xXxRandiexXx 0

I would dump him. he just left you there!!!

Did the fireman spray his hose all over you before he cut the chain?

I think this is fake.. because the name is hahahaheeheehoohooing.

DisappearingRose 18

I would have left them too. Except I would at least try to put clothes on them.

PenguiniPalooza 6

So would I. Thats as rude as heck! If he truly loved you he would've stayed with you or until he found the key.

I swear to god, if u two get married and there's an actual fire, he would run off with all the money and left u in a brnibg house...

is your boyfriend eminem? or do u happen to be rhianna?

Imagine the firefighter FML "Today, someone pull off the alarm in a college so i went there hoping to save someones life. I ended up cutting some handcuffs from a naked girl." LOL

Satoaoi 13

Ima tie you to the bed and set this ******* house on fire

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Well, at least you knew it was a fake and felt bad about it in the end.

She slipped down the stairs so you tied her to a bed naked and left her??

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i hope you are secretly looking for a new partner

anoellem 1

Or just dumps him for being a dick

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Are there any pictures of this incident?

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a268 0

get your own back...cuff him ..dress him in your underwear and leave the slimeball there

hahaha thats the funniest thing i have read all day !!!

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Lesson: Handcuffs come with two keys per pair for a reason. Maybe time to put a hide-a-key behind the bed post? I appreciate your taste though for using high quality hand cuffs!

rulechibippl 0 sorry for this but its funny. He should have at least had the decency to cover you up before he left or something and not leave you naked.