By Anonymous - 20/05/2009 06:07 - United States

Today, I got pulled over for speeding and got a $200 ticket. After I pulled away, I decided to warn the next car about the cop up ahead by flashing my headlights. The next car was another cop. He didn't appreciate my "help". FML
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Taking pictures

By Anonymous - 05/12/2019 14:00

Today, I was teaching a high school calculus class. I wrote a complex formula on the board. As I wrote, students asked if they could take a picture of the board and circulate it. I said yes, and I was pleased as everybody seemed to be taking pictures. Soon, I realized why: my skirt was tucked into my underwear. Within a few minutes, every student in the school had an email with a picture of my ugliest pair of floral-printed panties. FML
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Haha that sucks. It was a nice deed, too bad you didn't notice it was a cop. Did he give you another ticket? I don't know if there's anything illegal about that.

Wow there sure are a lot of people on their high horse here. Get over it, s/he was trying to help out another driver. Lots do it, and most appreciate it. I love how people here act as if they are the epitome of perfection and can do no wrong. "omg u flashed ur brites. ur a bad persun. ttly ydi!!!1" Get over yourselves. Why do people always feel the need to bash on OPs? They're sharing their misfortune to brighten our days.


Haha that sucks. It was a nice deed, too bad you didn't notice it was a cop. Did he give you another ticket? I don't know if there's anything illegal about that.

if he got a ticket for that, he can just go to court and get it undone because thats a bullshit ticket

In Ireland it's illegal.

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Theres no law against it you should have sped off and not let him catch you that would have worked

were you dropped on ur head as a child?

aha cause that's not going to end badly. maybe while speeding you should have flipped him off drank some beer and thrown your trash at his car. but if course after we sped off he wouldn't do anything...

It is technically against the law, but very very easy to beat! Especially with the high beams as opposed to just turning your lights on and off! Tell the judge you hit a bump in the road and your shocks are going bad! Looks almost exactly the same and the cop won't be able to say otherwise!

Actually it is illegal in many states, it's called obstruction of justice. YDI.

While police insist it is obstruction of justice, this went to quite a few state Supreme Courts before, and they all ruled otherwise. Legally, this charge will not stand in court, but you may get a ticket for it anyway

A good deed never goes unpunished :D

Right #3, you know where the OP lives, so you can comment on the legality of such an action. Either way, it's a dumbass move. Anyone who has been driving for longer than a month knows what a stupid, stupid move it is to flash your lights to warn others of an approaching cop car. The OP is lucky his/her car didn't get torn apart in a search and they weren't inconvenienced for hours on end because of a power tripping cop with a bug up his ass.

#3 there actually is a law against it, it's called interfering with justice. (Boyfriend's dad is a cop and tells me about all the little things they'll get you for)

Thats what you get for flashing your lights. Next time only use it to signal to the other guy that you are yielding the right of way like you are supposed to.

It's called helping your fellow man dipshit, get off your fucking high horse

I don't ever get speeding tickets because my father is a powerful politician! My life f*ckin rocks!!