By Anonymous - United States - Elk Grove
Today, my idiot horse decided to grab a mouthful of stinging nettles while I was riding him. He panicked at the burning sensation in his mouth and bucked me off. Don't worry, though, my fall was cushioned, by the nettles. FML
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  Melolssa  |  8

horse riding is actually very safe. i think the poster of this FML intended this to be sexual, which made the horse angry. He also deserves it for having such a dumb horse.


Or she fell into a flaming pit of despair then the devil kicked her out for being to ugly then her horse stepped in her and she bled to death slowly and had to shoot the horse with the demon gun she got in the pit and had to crawl to the hospital then finally finish the extreme deadly super menstration caused by her horse and died inches from the door that would have been worse