By sue - 31/05/2017 00:00

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That's why I always steer clear of extreme sports such as horse riding.

Sounds like a pain in the ass.


That's why I always steer clear of extreme sports such as horse riding.

I see what you did there

Horses do the stupidest things. Mine likes to spook out of nowhere, and run under low branches. I hope you're okay, OP

She rides cattle. They are pretty sedentary untill you tie a rope firmly around their balls...

horse riding is actually very safe. i think the poster of this FML intended this to be sexual, which made the horse angry. He also deserves it for having such a dumb horse.

Hey, #1, it's not that extreme, it's mare horse riding.

#42 the phrase "he panicked" leads me to believe otherwise...

I'm pretty sure 42 meant mare as a pun for mere.

Its not extreme...

57-It was a joke, dumbass.

#50, thanks for not letting #45 rein on my parade.

Ya, my bad robo!

Not too extreme, I do vaulting it's sort of extreme lol. (See my profile pic)

I think dogs have just been overtaken by horses as mans bestfriend, this made my day haha.

Never will horses be better then my trusty mutt

the only trustworthy horse is in the movie Mulan

The horse's name (in Mulan) is Khan I believe :)

The horse in Tangled is pretty badass too.

Horses will never replace dogs as mans best friend.

Dogs may be man's best friend, but horses are a woman's best friend. Forget diamonds ;)

Amen. Rush is the only one who knows what to do with me when I'm grumpy; stand there, look adorable, and beg for scratchies.

What about Hercules' Pegasus? I'm sure he counts for something.

The Ranger horses in Ranger's apprentice are pretty badass too.

Is everyone forgetting about the horse in Elderado?

Pretty much any animated or Disney movie horse is either a) a badass or b) an asshole. Sometimes both!

#51, the horse in your profile pic is beautiful! Is s/he an Arab?

I'd like to say it could have been worse, but I genuinely can't think of any way it could get worse. Hahaaa

Think Christopher Reeves.

or the Mr. Hands video

Hahaha Mr. Hands! Giggity giggity!!

Or she fell into a flaming pit of despair then the devil kicked her out for being to ugly then her horse stepped in her and she bled to death slowly and had to shoot the horse with the demon gun she got in the pit and had to crawl to the hospital then finally finish the extreme deadly super menstration caused by her horse and died inches from the door that would have been worse

Ouch bud. I'm really sorry.

A sorry comment. Yet they always comment like they will get a like! Lol

Uhm I don't care about likes I genuinely feel bad for the guy.

Sounds like a pain in the ass.

Mr. Hands was a pain in the ass

Oh, the stinging irony, why old universe, thy villain, why must you save a life with such a thing that causes immeasurable annoyance and pain?! WHY?!

Well at least you didn't get kicked in the head op

You better quit horsing around.

I'd say there is no getting back on at that point.

Stinging nettles up the ass found