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So directly after you KNEW someone threw up in the bathroom, you decided to put down the seat and sit down without bothering to look? See this is what I hate. If a guy leaves the seat up it's like it's some big offense. As far as I'm concerned, leaving the seat up prevents accidents like this from happening, since he wouldn't have puked all over it. If you need to go pee, pay the fuck attention and then sit down after putting down the seat and looking at it. I'm sick of women acting like they own the bathroom. Why should I put the seat down, why don't you leave the seat UP?

Wow that is sick, least he cleaned up most of the mess


Wow that is sick, least he cleaned up most of the mess

Did you have your eyes closed or something? Couldn't you smell it? hmm well that's gross. I probably would have been a bit paranoid though if someone had just threw up all over the bathroom.

Oh man that's gross. I'm impressed at his ability to clean but i guess the toilet seat wasn't his priority...

u r fucking ugly

heeey dont be mean!!! we're just here to have a little fun time, okay?

Wtf that was uncalled for. I wonder if you put your picture on here what we would think?

That so disgusting!!! I would have been pissed!!! FYL! Probably should have inspected his work....

That smells a lot. You're retarded.

I agree. You're a ra-tard for not checking. How do you not look before sitting?

You guys are retarted. It probably still smelled like it did earlier

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well lets see. if a guy has to take a dump does he do it with the seat up or down? i hope down. a woman never needs to use the bathroom with the seat up. so seeing as its uses for 1 and 2 are up, down for men and down, down for women it should be left down as 3 out of 4 times its going to need to be down anyways.

Your 3/4 statistic only applies if you assume that men and women use the bathroom at the same rate and that each defecate as frequently as they urinate. It also assumes that there is an equal number of males and females. I know in my house, that is not the case. There are 5 males and 2 females. Assuming 4 urinations and 1 defecation per day, that means that 4*5, or 20 times the seat must be up. 4*2+1*7 or 15 times the seat must be down. the up to down ratio in this case is 20:15 or 4:3, the reciprocal of what you claim is true. It is case specific, and by your logic I can justify leaving the seat up.

I just checked my stats and discovered that the average urinations per day is inaccurate. Males average 7 urinations per day and females average 8. This adjusts the result significantly. Up = 7*5 = 35 times, Down = 8*2+1*7 = 23 times. The more correct ratio is 35:23. This means that the seat will be up over 1.52 times for every time the seat is down, much more than the 1.25 I had previously indicated. As we can all see, this further confirms that in my house, the seat should remain up.

Just get two toilets and be done with it. The male can have one in the living room, facing the TV.

was it really worth it to discover the seat is up 1.5 times more often in your house only? in houses where the ratio of women to men are equal, no it would not be 3/4, but it would be down more often than not. You complain that women get mad when the seat is up, but you're being just as immature about the seat being about everyone adjusts the seat accordingly and gets on with their day? or maybe get their own bathroom. also i wouldnt blame the OP for sitting in her husbands vomit as it was obvious he cleaned, therefore she would make the assumption that he wiped it off the seat, since thatd probably be where most people would start. but, of course she was wrong...which i would say is no fault of her own. also did she complain he left the seat up? no, she put it down with no just so happened to be covered in vomit

Next to the beer fridge and BBQ?

With Charles the butler attaching an IV drip pumping pure vodka into his veins while Didier the french chef cooks him up some delicacies on the BBQ. Also; the toilet can double as a beday so he never ever has to get up or out of the chair.

It was worth it because I'm currently sitting in Calculus class. Stats are so much more interesting that Calc, trust me. Also, DrunkenValour, I like how you think.

Your kind of making the argument that 'men' are. Why should we have to leave the toilet seat down? The reason it is "up" is because a man used it. Women want it down all the time so they can continue to be careless in the crapper. Men just want women off their back and say "learn to look dumb ass (I are witty)". So by saying "can't everyone just adjust it to their needs before hand why the argument?" it's because the side raising a stink (So witty) is the side that wants to be domineering and controlling.

Can someone explain to me why BOTH sexes can't just close the damn lid and be done with it? That way it's equal work for everyone and no one has to see inside an open toilet or risk dropping anything in it.

Get a "love toilet"!

Am I the only one who doesn't have the up/down toilet seat problem? Just put it whatever way you want it. If it's up when you have to use it, put it down. If it's down and you want it up, put it up. Anyway, I don't really blame the OP for not knowing there was barf on the seat. I mean, have you ever sat on a seat wet from pee? I mean in an ordinary chair, sure you'd look, but in the toilet, you're kind of trying to go as fast as you can, if you know what i mean. As for your husband, at least he cleaned up after himself and legitimately tried to clean.

You may be right about guys also needing to put the seat down when they take a crap, but we always check before just plopping down. I don't know how many times I've heard frustrated cries from my sister's or mom complaining about the seat being up when they go, but every time I go and I need to sit, I ALWAYS check that the seat is down. It takes what, 2 seconds? Stop being lazy ladies and be more observant.

This is a really dumb conversation. Id prefer my brothers to leave the seat up honestly because if they leave it down then they pee on it.

What's wrong with closed toilets? both can use them and they are safer! I understand what your saying but would you rather fall into a toilet filled with water and poo and pee OR wipe off your damn pee Really how hard is it to point a diddly Wong at some water and not splash around? If you have "perfect aim" then your tidily wand is tiny

That awkward moment when it's actually etiquette and very polite to put the seat and the cover down after you use the bathroom and a real gentleman or a woman would do so. ...but maybe I'm the only one who actually knows of politeness in this age.

And this is why in my house you close the seat. Not up or down. No pointless debating. Also, my cat fell in the toilet once. Never again.

that's so gross! *barfs*

YDI for marrying an alcoholic.

She never said he was drunk.

I hate guessing. Next time, just tell us.