By bananagurl4242 - 16/07/2011 05:34 - United States

Today, my friends told me all five of us should bring sleeping bags on our field trip; I brought mine only to find out they had told me that so they would get the four beds to themselves. They all 'forgot' to bring them and its only fair that I should sleep on the floor. We are here for a week. FML
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If any of them are heavy sleepers, pull them out of bed at night and perform a slick bed-switch.

ashleykay94 7

wow you're friends are jerks. are you sure they're "friends"?


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jamie72596 9

She said she didn't know they had beds...:)

Thabb 0

Because OP's friends told them to bring their sleeping bag.


simple solution, put their bodies in the sleeping bag and hide it in the wood... Then uou get all four beds!!!

Scare them in their sleep until one of them can finally lend you their bed.

If you guys stayed at a hotel, I'd prefer the ground. Hotel beds are seldom comfortable.

duckman9 55

5 people = 4 beds + 1 sleeping bag

laplander_fml 0

get back at them by putting salt on their toothbrush

4 beds + 1 sleeping bag doesn't equal 5 people. If it did, I would be creating life without having sex....... that's the only way I would be able to have children.

Thunderbender 2

Well now you need to "forget" to not put laxatives in their coffee.

if they're air mattresses, poke holes in them

this just comes to show that all girls are evil

solution:::beat up the weakest link take the bed and give them the sleeping bag

Thunderbender 2

I concur, she definitely a duck.

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if they were you're true friends, they would have told you the truth from the beginning!

if any of them were true friends....we would have pushed all the beds together and made one huuuge bed so everyone could fit :)

If any of them are heavy sleepers, pull them out of bed at night and perform a slick bed-switch.

hah thts a good idea :) mwuahha revenge ;)

Someone_somewere 7

why? floors are comfortable....

I agree with 82. Floors aren't that bad. Suck it up, OP.

yeah, people these days are spoiled. but i think the fml here is she got tricked by her friends into sleeping on the floor.

If they're in a hotel than u just call down and ask for a cot.

how is OP a noob ? OP just has bad friends . please read a damn book and expand your vocabulary .

MizzErikaHart 8
MizzErikaHart 8

btw I think he called op a noob cuz he/she obviously never been to the camping site before otherwise he/she would've known about the beds

wasn't 4's comment meant at 3 because of the little ^ thingy she used?

MizzErikaHart 8

idk probably, but I think it makes more sense if 4 was talking about op....3 didn't really say anything noob-like to me

I didn't say anything nooby. Maybe you meant your little ^ for 2, but you must have posted at the same time as me.

ashleykay94 7

wow you're friends are jerks. are you sure they're "friends"?

sounds like op is like that generic left out person in a group that just gets used.

Exactly, No. 5. These people are NOT the OP's friends. They are shitheads pretending to be the OP's friends. The cat is out of the bag, OP. Suffer through the week because you're stuck there, then dump those four assfucks when you get home. You'll find real friends to replace these backstabbers who ganged up behind your back to screw you over.

I almost assumed they were just using the OP, but then again, why would they even bring OP? unless it's a school trip, it says field trip but you never know

some days u get the elevator...some days you get the shaft

Time to get new friends....but before then...take their toothbrushes and scrub some bathroom gunk...

agreed ive witnessed it to a girl who everyone disliked and she thought they all liked her. OP get some new friends

theonlysweetpea 10

No lie but you didn't think there were beds? FYL for the shitty friends though!

ashleykay94 7

well it was a camping trip. so I guess normally there wouldn't be beds

#1 obviously there was only 4 beds... idiot

Bitches, you should switch every night.

mayb u should if left it in the car and said you forgot then u MIGHT of got to sleep in a bed

ashleykay94 7

well if his friends are already jerks in the first place, he would've ended up on the floor anyways

4 beds, 5 guys. what the **** is wrong with you.

A7X_LoVeee 10

I'm sure there will be plenty of opportunities to get back at them. :)

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put salt on their toothbrushes!