By bananagurl4242 - United States
Today, my friends told me all five of us should bring sleeping bags on our field trip; I brought mine only to find out they had told me that so they would get the four beds to themselves. They all 'forgot' to bring them and its only fair that I should sleep on the floor. We are here for a week. FML
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By  Nikkitaria  |  9

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  bankrupt  |  15

Exactly, No. 5.

These people are NOT the OP's friends. They are shitheads pretending to be the OP's friends.

The cat is out of the bag, OP. Suffer through the week because you're stuck there, then dump those four assfucks when you get home.

You'll find real friends to replace these backstabbers who ganged up behind your back to screw you over.

  Jay1_fml  |  0

I almost assumed they were just using the OP, but then again, why would they even bring OP? unless it's a school trip, it says field trip but you never know