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Today, I got fired from my job as a postman, which I started yesterday. They fired me because I failed to deliver a bunch of papers to a road that no longer exists. FML
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Hope the FML staff do something

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lol want a reward for being first?

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did you try explaining this to anyone? and I didn't know govt workers could be fired. at least for things like that.

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I pity the foo that wrights the whole word.

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@9 I pity the fool who keeps saying " I pity the fool"

72 fails it's "I pity the fool" dumbass. Mr. T will now come to your house and snap your neck. He will then mount your head on his wall. That is all.

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Maybe you pussied out and didn't explain yourself. Man up

@73 I laughed so much that I peed my pants when I read your comment. :D

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today I got fired from my job as a postman... *calls police*

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I didn't get my papers today. WTF? Maybe you should learn to use a map or a phone. YDI.

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u should have recycled the papers not bring em back to da post office!

@40 in the usa they are government workers

prob does exist and your just an idiot

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I don't wanna start a my-country-is-better-than-your-country debate, but you can't just say that a country of more than 300,000,000 people spread across thousands of miles "sucks". Sure there are some bad places. But there are more good places. England, however, is a small, overpopulated island that is past it's prime. But when it was in it's prime, it had the distinction of being the biggest dick on earth by subjugating millions of native people.

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and you must have a VERY fun life

157 - I'm British, but I gotta agree with you, I say the same now When we had power - we were douches Now - we're superpower wannabe's, who are still douches

So fight it! Prove that it doesn't exist anymore.

What's this? I stopped reading at "I failed to deliver"...

How does a road "no longer exist"? They probably just changed the name and expected you to deliver to the new address. If that's the case, YDI for not checking with someone.

This is nothing. I once had a goverent job keeping Elvis impersonaters and whatnot off the streets and I saw a Rosie O'Donald impersonator. I told him that he needed to leave and that it was a bad impersonation since I could totally see his balls through his spandex pants and he had an odd mustache. The next day, I was fired. It turns out, that WAS Rosie O'Donald and it filed a complaint. I have never worked for the govenrment since.

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"Today, some guy came up to me and told me to leave because I did a bad impersonation of Rosie O' Donald. He said he could see my balls through the spandex and that I had a weird moustache. I am Rosie O' Donald. FML"

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O'-*******-Donnell You both fail.

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144 fail. there is no ******* O'Donnell LOL

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That goes to show what fine work and information our taxes are paying for.

I didn't think postmen were paid with tax money. I believe they are a private employer.

82 in America the post office is run by the government.

OP isn't in America. And isn't the American post office no longer government owned? I believe I read that it was now a private company as well.

let me think here. they get paid by the gov either way!/pages/forgave-you-once-shame-on-me-forgive-you-twiceNOT-GUNNA-HAPPEN/326672557682?ref=ts

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It has sex with other cities of the same gender?

it's not slang. it's just used by a bunch of teenagers who haven't developed a vocabulary. I used to say that myself when I was a teen, but I grew out of it, as have most people I know (there are still a few who crave perpetual adolescence), but, no, it's not slang.

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#19 What if who you were was an insult, or "slang" as you put it? "That's so nironan12!"

Okay fine, your city is stupid. Better now?

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I don't see the problem. He didn't mean homosexual. Word meanings change. GAY originally meant HAPPY. So those POOR happy people should feel so offended! No. Words can have two meanings, and meanings change over time. It's just like if he called it lame. The crippled people would be offended. It's not an attack. Not everything has to be a reason to take up arms against something so petty. Sheesh. (And yes, I'm 193247843298734% for gay rights and equality)

MermaidSongXOXO 6

Toxi, I usually agree with you one-thousand percent, but... Sure, it has two meanings, but the context clearly suggested it wasn't happy. "Your city is happy." ? These days, gay can either mean homosexual or the immature teenage way of saying stupid. It rarely means happy anymore. Having gay mean both homosexual and stupid isn't a good thing.

I wasn't referring to 'happy' as the intended meaning. I was referring to 'unappealing'. To me, those two meanings of 'gay' don't cross in any way, shape, or form. I don't think people who use it that way are trying to offend homosexuals. It's a totally different thing. Two words. One spelling. Why does it matter that gay means two different things? Is that REALLY something to complain about? "Oh, a word that could be used to describe me has another, totally separate meaning that is negative. Boohoo." I'm bi ( or something, whatever, just not straight) and I'm not even mildly offended by it. To me, it's just the same as 'lame', 'douchebag', 'pussy', etc. I mean, when someone calls another a douchebag as an insult, do all the women who douche get offended? Nope.

MermaidSongXOXO 6

I'm just saying that using a word that can be used to describe somebody's sexual orientation as an insult isn't P.C. because there's probably a reason why that particular word began to mean something negative. I never said that people can't use it. They can if they want. I see your point, and I hope you see mine. Sheesh. What started off as a joke turned into a serious discussion :P I was only trolling at first, but damn.

Word meanings are not supposed to be changed. People who change it are idiots. The definition if gay is homosexual and happy. That's all it should and will mean forever. You cannot change the meaning of the word, only make a new one to work with a definition. They speak slang because they are lazy and don't learn the language they speak. That's all I'm going to say, people need to stop trying to make words mean something there not!

Im not a homosexual but I dont hate homos. I only use gay as an insult but I dont use it to make fun of homos...or something..

#54 Your grammar is gay! I think you mean *they're.

#54, I daresay you're trolling. But I'll throw you a bone. People who change word meanings are idiots? So....everyone in the entire world, yourself included, is an idiot? You sound quite cynical there. Besides, "gay" meant happy before homosexual. So, it was ok to change the meaning the first time, but now it's not? Jeez, you're just a total dumb ****, huh?

@54: What do you mean word definition should never change. There is a whole field of study to it (etymology), and just check the OED and look up the 'economy' and you will find more than just a few definitions of the word that has come and gone.

go ask the British if gay means happy or homosexual and then tell me what answer you get. we cannot change the definition of a word of a language that 5 countries speak.

Then your phone is gay! El Oh El Ar Oh Ef El

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I would have to formally agree, here. I'd say the same goes for '****', why do women get so offended by this word? I have never actually found it that derogatory. I believe, where their arguments are coming from, would be that "gay" is not defined in a dictionary; as "something lame". Mass public, will take the word in context, if you say an item is "gay" you are not saying it's "****." Where it can get complicated, parse, would be if you called some one gay, not meaning ****. It could very easily be taken that way, depending how well you know the person etc.

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Truthfully, the comments on this fml, remind me of the South Park episode, about the word "fagot"

"The definition of gay is homosexual and happy." Later... [paraphrase]"You can't use gay to mean homosexual because you can't change word meanings!" Go troll somewhere else. ****. (meant for #54 biowhatever)

Biohazard, pendatic IS British. Word meanings evolve all the time. I see Mermaid's point and Intoxi's. Gay evolved to mean homosexual probably because of the stereotypical effete homosexual prancing around happily. It is now developing a negative connotation because of the negative feeling towards homosexuals. I personally don't think the word is offensive but I don't offend easily. Words only have the power we give them and everyone has a different level of sensitivity.

I can't believe I just read this whole list of replies,. I'd prefer to have read my phonebook after finishing.

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mermaid son, stop trying to be Hillary duff

MermaidSongXOXO 6

You mean in that "knock it off" commercial? I'm not trying to be her.

You think only 5 countries speak English? Really...?

This has got to be the gayest discussion about a word I've ever seen.

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@115 I know...I just read the whole thing nd I'm like y da fuc* r these ppl having a conflict over the word GAY I mean I use it all the time!! this convo is soo GAY! all that's left to say is anyone who bothered to explain wat gay means has no life sooo shut da *** up!

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wow I read all of these comments and I forgot what the original fml was.

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You're all fags. That's right. You're all a bunch of sticks used to start fire. And a cigarette.

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@23 You know, I read your comment and it actually made alot of sense to me. That's exactly why I refer to the word gay when using a failed attempt to insult someone, or describing a situation that I don't like. Never thought of it that way.

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You couldn't explain this to your supervisors?

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if you're working for the government, they're going to make 100% they aren't firing you for something so stupid... so I think this is bs.